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The Body Of Knowledge Essay

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The authors of the essence of our being compares the body of knowledge as the “head, heart and soul” of family consumers science (Anderson, C. L., & Nickols, S. Y. 2004). The article also quotes that “Basic human needs are central to the concepts in the family and consumer sciences body of knowledge” (2004) but not everyone accumulates this basic human needs the text book defines as “food, clothes, shelter and relationships.” (Kato, S.L., & Elias, J.G. 2013) But in my opinion the two most important needs are food and cloths. It is accurate that Having a relationship is part of the process of evolution and through interaction a community is established, but in other to from this interaction we need means of survival, which is food and clothes, thence the article I chose for this research “Faith in Values: How to Reduce Poverty and Save Taxpayers $4.6 Billion Per Year” by Sally Steenland (3/19/2014) explains why certain people are unable to obtain this needs. The body of knowledge relates to this article because it shows specific issues that prevents people from getting basic needs. Due to poverty families’ break apart, communities fight over resources, overpopulation, and low paying wages. According to the article, people with high income do not like the fact that they are being taxed more to help those who are pay below minimum wage when the easiest option would be to increasing minimum wage. “I find it irritating that my tax dollars are subsidizing corporations whose wages are so low that their workers qualify for basic government assistance”(Steenland.S. 2014) if companies don’t want to increase income wage and the rich don’t want more taxes, then what happens to the middle man? How does he survive?
Parts of the body of knowledge diaphragm that are central to this article; are capacity building, more people equals low job opportunities, even when there are jobs, the fact always remains that the rich will keep getting rich and the poor get poorer, “The current federal minimum wage of $7.25 comes to only $15,080 per year for full-time workers, which falls $4,000 below the federal poverty line for a family of three” (2014). The author of this article believes that full time workers should be able to provide for their families without depending on federal grants. But most of the time this federal grants does not...

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