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Over the last 50 years The Boeing Company has shown itself to be an industry leader in the fields of technology and putting their vast physical assets to use. Boeing has been on the forefront in innovation in both commercial aviation, and airplanes used for defense purposes. Whether it was the introduction of the first modern airplane with dual engines when the Boeing 247 was unveiled or introducing new standards of efficiency into their business model Boeing seems to have always been one step above the competitors. So while Boeing was hurting their competitors on one end they decided to go and become more efficient on the other end. So not only were they the leader in technological innovation they improved the productivity of their largest business unit all while decreasing the amount of space they used. When a company is hitting on all cylinders like Boeing seems to be it becomes hard to compete, and their competitors are likely finding that out first hand.

Technology for any aerospace company is important, and this very much holds true for Boeing. Since its inception Boeing has been at the forefront of aviation technology. They introduced the first modern airliner with the Boeing 247 model ( During World War II Boeing manufactured the premier bomber planes based on the model 247 the bomber Boeing designed was so good that even their rivals Lockheed Martin, and Douglas aircraft agreed to manufacture them also. Following the end of the war Boeing suffered significant financial losses from their defense division this experience forced the company to reinvent themselves, and that they did. In the 1950s during the Korean War Boeing started to develop guided missiles. This technology led to the creation of the intercontinental missile. During this same time period Boeing developed the Boeing 707, which was the first jetliner in the United States. In more recent history NASA announced that Boeing had won a manufacturing contract to produce the liquid-fueled upper stage of the Ares I rocket. In addition to this The Seattle Times has reported that Boeing has a number of concept jetliners in that works that aim to increase fuel efficiency( This evidence seems to point to Boeing effectively using its technology to improve its business. By consistantly appearing to be the company with the big ideas, the companies that buy from them feel confident that they have the latest and greatest, and their competitors are forced to out think and out innovate them.
In regards to the use of their physical assets Boeing is taking steps to approve efficiency, which in the end will improve their bottom line and hopefully lead to better manufacturing processes. Following 9/11 Boeing realized that their bread and butter plane the 737 was not going to be in demand as much due to all the fear surrounding the airline industry, and...

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