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The Bombing Of The Birmginham Church

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In Birmingham, there were so many bombings on Negroe homes and stores, that it was nicknamed Bombingham. In fact, both Negroes and whites were at risk when they were in Birmingham, Alabama. For all the citizens knew, a bomb could go off at any time. Especially at that time, 1963, there were more bombings than usual. They were unknown people who did it. And those people were the Ku Klux Klan members. But, in town, there wasn’t really a leader for them. In fact, even at its height, the Klan did not boast a well-organized structure or clear leadership (Ku Klux Klan 2014). It was simply a scary time for all of the citizens of Birmingham, Alabama, the Negroes more than the whites. At this time, Negroes and whites were very much separated, and not in a good way. But, in a strange way it “helped Negroe activists gain national attention and support for their cause”(Modern Ku Klux Klan in Alabama 2012). The only white people who came by Negroe stores and churches were the Klan members, of the Ku Klux Klan. Other than that, a white person would have to be very good friends with a Negroe person, and they would have to be ready to get a lot of abuse from other white people by being around Negroe people. But when the Klan came, no one would even see them. The Klan hated Negroe people, more than most the rest of white people. “They had bombed other Negroe stores before, luckily no one had died in those occasions. But, it was very scary for the Negroes of the town, and even the whites. The Klan was mysterious, dangerous, and they were all cruel. It was barely being prejudice; it was almost known that they were mean and uncaring about what happened to the Negroes that they had hurt or killed. Sometimes after an extremely bad event (whites hurting Negroes), the Negroes would get very angry with the white people. They might throw rocks at all white people passing by them. And, because of that, the Negroe people are punished, again. They can be killed, simply because whites were considered “better” than them”(1960s Racism N/A 2008). But the minister was not worried of such thing happening on such a peaceful day, especially with four, innocent girls singing.
Scout was happy the way she was, humming and walking along the road. But as she walked, she remembered how racist this town was, how racist her old town was, and how racist many people in all of South United States were. It was such a weird and cruel idea that wasn’t hidden to anyone; there was no illusion of kindness but instead the reality of life. Scout didn’t understand how bad people really were. She wondered, if God created all these people, why is everyone is so cruel to each other? She had heard of all the cruel things that police officers and the white people...

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