The Bond Between Mother And Child

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Lance Armstrong grew up without his father along with Bill Clinton, Gene Simmons, and Barack Obama. These men are political, economic, and admirable figures all over the world. They show leadership and confidence. These single parents taught their children routines, discipline, and authority. Raising a child with proper care and emotional connection is extremely hard to do when dealing with equal rights among parents. A mother or a father should not co parent if it could harm their child’s present being or future being. Most importantly, a child needs stability, support, emotionally and physically, and a positive influential role model.
A stable and comforting environment should start when a child is born. When an adult is uncomfortable in a situation they usually remove themself from it, but a helpless child does not have the same choice, especially when they are young. According to Dr. Linda Nielsen (2013) “Infants and toddlers have one primary “attachment figure” to whom they bond more strongly and at an earlier age than they do with their other parent. Given this, they should not be separated from their primary parent for long periods of time- especially not to spend overnight time with their father, except on rare occasions for short periods of time.” Babies are extremely sensitive to change. They thrive on schedules. An infant or toddler being tossed around from house to house will make them very temperamental. They don’t have a voice to express their opinions and a bad experience like this could create trauma in the young child’s life. This trauma could make the child associate the parent with stress and anxiety, causing the child to subliminally resent their primary parent for putting them in a situation where they are uncomfortable.
A child cannot be put in a stressful situation for a long period of time. This can negatively affect their disposition. Beth Azar (2009) indicated that “According to Alan Sroufe, PhD, who researches at the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota, infant attachment affects confidence, attitude, and subsequently, attendance and achievement.” An infant or toddler needs the parent who he or she is more attached. Equal custody could damage this bond and without a strong bond the child will lack in these categories. The child could have social inabilities and low confidence as well. This low confidence could cause detrimental stress in school, activities, and making friends. This could not only affect the child now, but with important milestones in life, confidence is a very important aspect.
Young children are very sensitive to their surroundings. Their brains soak things up like a sponge. Toddlers and infants are not the only thing to worry about though. When children finally have voices to abject or agree, that is when things get interesting. Nielsen (2013) indicated that “Most children want to live with only one parent and have only one home. Shared parenting is not worth the...

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