The Bond That Comes With Love

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In Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, the forbidden love between Heathcliff and Catherine leads them to lifetimes of isolation. The true love connection between them can never be broken and remains strong even through a series of difficult events. Heathcliff and Catherine’s traumatic experiences lead them to lives of isolation. Despite their constant physical isolation, their emotional connection will always be strong parts of their lives.
Catherine informs Nelly of her upcoming marriage to Edgar, regardless of her feelings for Heathcliff. When Nelly questions if she is making the right decision, Catherine says, “My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks...Nelly, I am Heathcliff-he’s always, always in my, don’t talk of our separation again-it is impracticable...” (Bronte 82). Catherine is unable to even think of being separated from Heathcliff because their love is immortal. She is so positive their separation is ...view middle of the document...

” Stevenson stresses how literally Heathcliff talks. He literally cannot be without her. Here, Heathcliff refers to the love connection Catherine was talking about and again refers to how strong it is. Although (almost constantly) physically isolated, mentally and emotionally Catherine and Heathcliff are never apart.
Even after Catherine dies, Heathcliff feels desperate to ensure the bond persists. Heathcliff talks to Catherine (and her now widowed husband) Edgar’s son, Haereton, but is haunted by what he sees, “But, when I look for his father in his face, I find her every day more! How the devil i he so like? I can hardly bear to see him” (Bronte 303). Heathcliff loves Catherine. Thinking about this major part of her life he wasn’t involved in disturbs him. In fact, it disturbs him so much he can’t even stand to be around her son. Writer Eric P Levy explains the bond between Catherine and Heathcliff more in depth in “The Psychology of loneliness in ‘Wuthering Heights’”.
Both Heathcliff and Catherine, by opposite means and in distinct circumstances, turn loneliness into a community of rejection...loneliness implies rejection of others, it also reinforces the sense of worthiness to be loved by another...only loneliness can make them feel worthy of love.
Catherine and Heathcliff connect through their isolation. Levy explains Catherine and Heathcliff operate out of isolation and their relationship would be completely different if they were physically together. The isolation they endure only brings them emotionally closer and more connected.
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Catherine and Heathcliff’s lives bring them into states of isolation. The weird thing about this relationship is it functions through isolation. The more isolated they are, the closer they become. Catherine and Heathcliff prove physical relationships can’t compare to emotional connections. In Nicholas Sparks’s Dear John, John joins the army and leaves his new love, Savannah, at home. Through the entirety of their separation, their bond continues to grow stronger. And not only does their bond grow stronger but they do too. Catherine and Heathcliff’s connection grew stronger despite them being isolated for longer.

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