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The Book Is Better Than The Movie: What Is A Bad Movie?

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People always say that the book is better than the movie, and though they think they might be right, this isn't always the case. People like having the background knowledge of why a character is doing something in a specific case or why the events are happening and seeing the movie cut out all this extra information may upset them, but that doesn't mean that the book is better. It just means they're more informed reading the book. What is a bad movie? Not having enough information or just not being entertained. I happened to watch the movie before I read the book and I thought it was amazing, but after I read the book the movie just didn't compare to the book. Sure they had the same ...view middle of the document...

For the first two days she spent all her time trying to find water and collapses on the ground thats when she starts thinking of a reason why Haymitch won't send her any water and she sees it as a message that the only “one good reason Haymitch could be withholding water from [her] is because he knows [she’s] almost found it.”(169) Besides the book showing her skills it also goes into Katniss’ background, where we read about her connection with her family and where she got her skills from. From the beginning we have knowledge of her Father and how he was “blown to bits in a mine explosion.” (5) He also taught Katniss how to hunt using a bow an arrow, how to sell or trade the animals she kills, and he also taught her valuable surviving skills. After her father's death her mother suffers from depression and is “blank and unreachable” (8) and Katniss is left to look after her mom and little sister Primm by hunting and providing food. This background knowledge of Katniss is crucial to understand what makes her so unique and by reading this we get to know her better and it makes the book more personal.
In contrast the movie The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross is shot in the perspective of the Gamemakers and we miss out what makes Katniss unique.We get to see the Gamemaker part in story more in the film, whereas in the book he is barely mentioned, and the film is mostly focuses on Katniss but we really don't know what is going inside her mind. In the film we lose that personal connection we have with Katniss in the book because we have no information on her background and we miss out on what makes Katniss more unique than the other contenders. In the book we got to know her family, struggles, and how she got her skills. During the games Katniss was stung by a tracker jacker, a genetically modified wasp made by the capitol, whose sting causes hallucinations which gives her a flashback. In the flashback we taken back to her house where the camera zooms in of a man in a picture frame that is sitting over the fireplace. We are taken to an outside location where we see the man in the picture and a group of men walking towards the camera and we get a close up of the man, then we see them boarding an elevator inside a cave, and as the elevator descends there's an explosion. Then we are taken to the picture frame in the house again and the explosion destroys the house. The scene then backtracks and the house is rebuilt and we see Katniss crying and screaming at her mother, who only has a blank expression on her face. What makes this scene powerful is the bleakness of the shots and the audio is replaced with gloomy depressing orchestra music. This scene can be interpreted differently depending on the viewer, if you have read the book before we know what this scene means, but for people who just see the movie it can be kind of confusing because they introduce a man, who we can only assume to be the father, and we see his death. The scene doesn't explain how...

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