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The Book Of Negroes, By Lawrence Hill

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During the course of the African-American slave trade, slaves experienced a significant loss of culture and customs native to their homelands. When abducted from their homes and brought to their new land, slave-owners often forced their slaves to take new names that were more recognizable to the Caucasian population. The main character in The Book of Negroes, Aminata, is referred to by several names throughout the course of her life. Her African name, Aminata Diallo, has several variations including Miss Diallo or just Aminata. While aboard the slave ship, the ship's doctor gives her the name Mary; while living as a slave, she is referred to as Miss Dee, Meena Dee, or Meena. Those who found themselves in captivity also adopted a new language as a means of survival. The ability to understand and communicate in English allowed slaves to carry out orders without misunderstandings, and therefore without consequences . During her stay with her first owner Robinson Appleby, Mamed instructs Aminata, Fomba , and the other slaves to complete various tasks. Mamed "set Fomba to chopping down the indigo plants close to the ground. Fomba couldn’t follow the instructions. Mamed pulled him to the side, [and] put another man in his place (Hill, Lawrence 148). While on the plantation, Aminata realized that
"there were two classes of captives. There were 'sensible Negroes,' like me, who could speak the toubabu's [white man's] language and understand orders. And then there were the other ones. The insensible ones. The ones who couldn’t speak at all to the white man, and who would never be given an easier job, or taught an interesting skill, or be giving extra food or privileges" (Hill 130).
Language was also used as a communication method between slaves, as they often discussed means of escape, how their loved ones were fairing, and the longing to return to their homelands. After a period of time, it became clear to the slaves that their plans to venture home would not come to fruition, but their consistent use of the English language resulted in the loss of their native tongue (Shahadah, Alik). Throughout their lives, slaves experienced a complete change in the food they ate. In their homelands, one's diet consisted of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables native to the area, high quantities of protein such as rabbit, goat and chicken, along with millet, rice, and various spices. When taken captive, a slaves diet as provided by their owner was mainly "low in protein, high in carbohydrates, and very low in calories" (Trinkley, Michael). The daily life of an African- American prior to captivity often consisted of farming and hunting, and any cause for " public rejoicing, is celebrated in public dances which are accompanied with songs and music suited to the occasion" (Equiano, Olaudah). When taken captive, a slave was often forced to endure "long hours of physical labor. For a field hand, the workday usually began before dawn and ended well after...

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