The Book Of Thirteen Dares Essay

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“Fine,” they all agreed.
I carefully lifted up the front cover. As I skimmed through the table of contents, I noticed there were 13 chapters, one for each dare.
Number one: Toilet paper someone’s house.
Number two: Mix together vinegar, baking soda, crushed gumballs, mustard and peanut butter, and drink it.
Number three: Wet your fingers and stick them into electrical socket.
Number four: Walk out onto a ledge of a tall building.
Number five: Shoplift an item worth at least $100.
Number six: Play the knife game.
Number seven: Consume five melted crayons.
Number eight: Break into a person’s house while their home and steal an item.
Number nine: Steal a car. ...view middle of the document...

“Oh, come on; this book is stupid. It was probably written by a nine year old,” said Nolan.
“ Hey!” yelped Cora.
“Sorry. So, are we really going to believe this book and do these dares?” asked Nolan.
“Well, I don’t want to die,” whimpered Jasmine.
“You’re not going to die. It’s just a book,” said Nolan.
“Wait, where did you find this book Riley?” asked Cora.
“In dad’s nightstand. Why?” I replied.
“Well think about it. If it was in dad’s nightstand… then that means he must have gotten the book but didn’t finish all of the dares in seven days. That’s why he’s dead, Riley! We’re all going to die! We’re going to die! I don’t want to die, noooo!” said Cora, freaking out.
“But mom died too!” I replied.
“Well they probably did it together. We’re going to die!” said Cora. She was now starting to cry.
“Cora, stop it! We’re not going to die, because this is not real!” yelled Nolan.
“Okay, assuming this is true, which one do you think mom and dad didn’t do then?” I asked. Nolan who was now very annoyed, stormed out of the room. The rest of us stayed.
“Wait, I got it!” I hollered.
“What if mom and dad did all of them except for the last one?” Kill a loved one. Because neither one of them wanted to kill the other and still live while the other one was dead. And, of course, they couldn’t hurt any of us. So, they decided they would both die together.” I said. Wow, I think I figured it out. Hmm, I am smart, I thought to myself.
“Maybe,” said Cora and Jasmine.
“So… what now?” asked Cora.
“Well, lets go talk to Nolan I guess,” I answered. We then left the room to go find Nolan. When we found him, he was sitting in his room twirling a small basketball in his hand and staring at the wall. I sat down on his bed, and started to tell him what I thought we had found out.
It took a while, but eventually we convinced Nolan. We decided that we needed a plan if we were somehow going to finish all of these dares. Nolan suggested that we would try to do two dares each day, and leave the last one for the last day. The first one was to toilet paper someone’s house. We couldn’t do that one right now, because somebody would probably spot us and call the cops. Plus, we needed more toilet paper. Since Nolan at least had his driver’s permit, he drove to our usual grocery store, Shop and Save, and bought three packs of toilet paper.
We waited until dark, and then left the house. We picked an old small house that had no lights turned on because we thought no one was living there, or at least they weren’t home. But we were wrong. After I threw the first few rolls onto the roof of the house, an old man stormed out of the front door wearing pajamas, a saggy hat and pair of slippers. He started yelling and cursing really loud, probably waking up the whole neighborhood. Once he stopped yelling, the man threatened to call the cops on us if we didn’t leave that instant. So we picked up the remaining rolls of toilet paper that we and ran to the car, and Nolan drove back us back home as...

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