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The Book Review Of 1776

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The American Revolution was an important historical event in America and is widely seen as the precursor to the declaration of independence. 1776 is a historical book by McCullough about the events surrounding the American Revolution in the year 1776. The book dwells on military elements of the revolution. The book also details the military command chain of the British Army as well as that of the continental Army. The author digs a little about the politics of the time but the political aspects remain mostly in the background. McCullough writes a flowing story with fair coverage of the events of the Revolution, using detail and objectivity through reliable archival sources from ...view middle of the document...

The author delivers powerful events that occurred when George Washington took the brave walk towards sure death or freedom.
This book is a story about war and not words, sidelining the great declaration in Philadelphia. There is no combat for most of the narrative with George Washington paling besides the supporters, as readers are nudged to emphasize with the conventionally hated figures, King George III, the Hessian assassins, and Tories. The book is written with warmth for the English and the Virginian men who led them are portrayed with ambivalence. George Washington stands out as an indefatigable courageous born leader of those who did not welcome the English entry. Quoted ''His Excellency'', battles for a glorious cause of equality and civil liberty and quarters himself in the best manses of Manhattan and Cambridge. He also has a French butler and a tailor besides slaves. Outraged by his incapacity to tame the Yankee forces, he remotely manages the expansion of Mount Vernon, complaining about the wainscoting of the parlor amidst the war.
Washington emerges as clueless about tactics or strategy and subordinates come to his rescue whenever he has reckless plots. The author terms Washington as inept and indecisive as a commander, but gives credit to his endurance and recognition of the army’s faults. George Washington also shows the ability to learn from his mistakes and exceptional ability in night attacks.
The book is a non-fictional piece of work whose title matches the defining year of America’s independence and political dominance. The whole point is that people of every color, size, shape, and all other possible human attributes accompanied Washington in the struggle. The book takes the reader aback to the days when Adams, Washington, Greene, and other founding men were alive and not mere historical figures. The author documents the triumphs and struggles of the founders with impeccable eloquence and story telling of a masterly variety. Even though reading about the founding fathers of the nation is interesting, one of the most fascinating aspects of the book is the manner in which it brings out the simplicity of the team that brought about independence. There is detail of every small story that forms part of the bigger story and it would be argued that McCullough deftly uses a story within a story to accord importance to every little episode and to all the parties who took part no matter how small their contributions were. These miniature stories within the larger story bring the tales to life.
Dwelling on the military aspects of both sides of the Revolution, the book focuses on the chain of command and digs into the political arena that characterizes this scale of rebellion. The author makes use of selected direct quotes and a clear narrative to keep the book moving at a pace characteristic of adventure books. There is a fresh perspective on what it would be to live at the time of the American Revolution, and the...

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