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The Book Stealer Essay

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Early in the morning right at 6:30 Astha arrived. The whole campus was very quiet. There wasn’t a single person in the entire school except Astha, and she thought it was the right time. Astha sprinted to the library with a huge but an empty bag. She peeped inside the Library and right their Ms. Ann came. She asked what was I doing in school that early? I replied back in a very confident and assured way. I started with “Good morning Ms. Ann. how are you?” She said “I am fine, Astha” while opening the Library door with her key. They both entered the Library. She asked Astha if she could stay here in the library while she went to the rest room. Astha thought this was the chance. She ran to the nearest books and slipped about two shelves into her bag. She was overjoyed as she moved towards the exit door, but suddenly Ms. Ann enters and looks at her in surprise. Astha smiles at Ms. Ann and acts as if she wanted to check out some books and politely says “Goodbye Ms. Ann”. Astha escapes away with ease. For a second she thinks that she was caught but fortunately, she wasn’t.
Time flies, as it was 7:45 am; almost time for the first block. Astha decided to keep the huge bag in her locker but it wouldn’t fit, so she had to carry it with her all the time. The bag sort of looked weird as Astha carried it all around the campus, and also exhausted her because of its weight. However, the first block began. Astha was sitting next to her best friend Zara. Zara noticed the large bag she was carrying and she asks Astha what was inside. Astha stayed quiet and pretended that she didn’t hear Zara and quietly continued her work. After the first block was over Zara again asked Astha what was inside and why was she carrying such a huge bag to school? Astha stayed still and then told Zara that it was none of her business. That was pretty rude of her, but she didn’t really mean it. Astha had no choice, she just couldn’t tell the reason why she was carrying that bag to Zara.
Soon the day was over, and Astha went home immediately. Zara felt a little strange because usually after school they hangout together, but this time she didn’t even say bye to her. Zara felt a little suspicious, and chose to find what was going on. When Astha reached back home she directly went to her room to open the bag and right away counted all the books, she had stolen from the library. Astha managed to estimate if the books were enough or not. The very next day she planned to steal more books from ES library, and she did. But this time she went during lunch, and Astha smartly took one book at time and slipped a bunch of books in her bag.
It was really weird that nobody noticed, what she was doing or maybe they did. Astha left the place, but she didn’t realize that Zara just saw her taking all those books. Zara wasn’t one of those children who were always complaining about others to the teachers. She was different, so she decided to do something different too. You might have heard of some game...

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