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The Border Fence: Consequences Essay

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There has always been controversy in immigrants crossing over to the US-Mexico border illegally.Our government has turned to a border fence as the solution. As US citizens we should see that building the fence will have a huge impact on our people and country.The fence can do good in so many ways such as creating jobs in construction, also giving the national security more power of the regions along the border, and decreasing the amount of imported drugs being smuggled across the US border; however, the drawbacks of having the fence will have on us is that it’s something our country can’t afford at this point, it gives our country a bad view, and it would also cut off all animals that need to migrate to the US during climate changes.

According to bloggers and debaters at, having the fence built, “would create thousands of construction jobs.” (pg. 2) If thousands of jobs are opened, it could help out our country and people financially, for all those workers who are in debt and need the money. It would help them put in hours so they can make that money that they owe. Even if they need it to support their families. Another thing it could benefit are the companies, specially the ones right along the the border. They will get the first come, first serve during the auction to have the fence built. They are also so close to the border that it would cost less to pay them because it’s just a 2-3 mile drive away. The government would save more of the people’s tax dollars because the fence prevents immigrants from coming over and taking up more of the jobs that low income families really need.

Other things that the fence will benifit is our national security which will give the border patrol and homeland security more power along the border. According to Jennifer McFadyen at (immigration issues pg. 1) the number of peole crossing the border has dropped drastically. (in the San Diego area alone) “In the early 90’s, about 600,000 attempted to cross the border illegally.” (immigration issues pg. 1) The number of immigrants has dropped hastily. According to McFayden, the construction of the fence along certain borders and the increase of agents was the meaning for the decreasing amount of illegals attempting. The fence will also call out for a increase in jobs for border patrol. Not only will the national security stop the illegals but also stop terrorism from occurring. Terrorism doesn’t only mean destruction, but it means the act of violence or cruel behaviors. With US agents posted along the border it would help prevent terrorism or gun wars that are happening at Mexico spread to our country. According to the Homeland Security, there has been a decreasing in crime rate since 2008 in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas since the rise in border patrol jobs. (homeland security pg. 1)

The fence will not only stop immigration but it will also stop the drug trafficking that is spreading across the United States. As...

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