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The Bosnian Genocide And How It Changed Society

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The Bosnian Genocide is one of the most horrific events of our modern history. Under the former Yugoslavia, different ethnicities were all compressed under the regime of Josip Broz “Tito”, who managed to keep them united for 35 years, however after the death of Tito, violence escalated. Under General Ratko Mladić’s leadership, neighbors started killing neighbors, and changed the way Serbs, Bosnians and Croats treat each other up until now. Forgiveness for the killings is still hard to find, though more people are beginning to see the benefit in forgiving, and slowly the ethnic groups affected by the Bosnian Genocide are started to move toward each other.
The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was not the perfect country. It had its faults but people in Yugoslavia were much better off than people in other Communist countries. What Marshal Tito succeeded in doing was plain genius. He managed to unite 6 republics and many different ethnicities under one nation, and he managed to keep it running smoothly most of the time . In 1950, economic control was given to each of the separate republics which helped start an economic boom. During the 1950s, employment doubled and unemployment fell to 6%. Even though more people were employed, wages still increased by more than 6% . The Yugoslavian regime was more humane than other communist regimes in Easter Europe, however it wasn’t that liberal. The League of Communists of Yugoslavia (LCY) had all the power and was the only party in the country. The State Security Administration, which was the secret police, was a dreaded tool of the government and there are many cases of when Tito used the secret police to eliminate people that were becoming too nationalistic and threatened to destroy the peace in Yugoslavia . Starting in the 70s, the LCY allied with many smaller nationalistic political parties to give more power to the individual parties. In 1971, individual republics gained complete control over their economic plans. In the same year, Croats started to protest against the Republic and demanded more rights for Croatia because they felt they didn’t get enough money for all the income they generated . Tito ordered to violently crackdown on the protests while at the same time fulfilling some demands of the protesters to reduce the chance of future uprisings. That is how Tito kept the Republic together; if hostilities started emerging, he would suppress them while at the same time working on a solution to prevent future hostilities.
In 1980 Marshal Tito died, leaving a considerable power vacuum , and Yugoslavia broke apart during the most brutal event since WWII. The downfall began when Slobodan Milošević took power in Serbia in 1987. Prior to that, he was not known for a nationalistic agenda, but in 1987 Serbs in Kosovo started to protest against the Kosovar government which mainly consisted of Albanians. Milošević realized that by supporting the Serbs in Kosovo, he could gain their support for his...

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