The Boxer Oscar De La Hoya

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“Whatever comes next for me, as far as boxing is concerned, I have no regrets. I would never change what I've accomplished and the history I've made.” (Oscar De La Hoya). This quote was said by the one and only Oscar De La Hoya, the man who I chose to write about. Oscar was born in Los Angeles, CA on February 4, 1973. His nationality is American from a Mexican origin and comes from a boxing family. His nickname was “The Golden Boy”. I chose Oscar De La Hoya, because he is the greatest boxer known to man.
Oscar was six when he had his first fight against his cousin, and failed miserably he never imagined himself becoming a boxer. He was forced to go to the gym and practice since boxing has been a tradition in their family. He discovered that his left hand was very powerful and began to train on it. In 1992, he made it to the Olympics and promised his mother a gold medal which he achieved with victory.
After the Olympics he bought a big house to live in him and his mother, but it was too late, because his mother had died of breast cancer. He was going to quit boxing after what happened, but he knew by staying a boxer would have pleased his mom so he continued and became a five time world champion. On January, 1994, Oscar he defeated Jorge Paez by winning the lightweight title. Similarly, on March 12 1997, he fought the boxer known as the best fighter in the world and won which awarded him the welterweight title.
He ruled the welterweight division until he fought Felix Trinidad on September, 1999. It was a major fight which broke box office records. He lost and the welterweight title went to Trinidad. Afterwards he fought Sugar...

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