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"The Boy" A Short Story About Suicide

882 words - 4 pages

The Boy...I saw a boy laying there. Alone in the shadows. He had dark black hair that blended in with the darkness around him. His eyes were mislead, blind to what was happening to him. It was very cold wherever this boy was. I could see his breath being blown away from his lungs, like an ice-cold wind being released from its cage. He was shaking in fear. But what was he so afraid of? The boy had his eyes closed. It appeared like he was sleeping, but in a way he seemed so awake. Curiosity persuaded me to watch what happened to him. All I could see was his lonely, sleek, body laying in the shadows. A single spotlight covered his whole self, but everywhere is was pitch black. This young boy looked so familiar to me. I swear I had seen him somewhere, maybe I've even met with him. But in the same way he looked like a complete stranger. He was engulfed in the colorless cage where he lay. Was he dreaming? His body shook with fright like he was the victim of a twisted fate. The curiosity was too strong. I took a dive inside the boy's mind to get a closer look about this being. I thought the best place to start was his past.There was the boy. He looks about the age of 5 or 6. He was entering a rickety house. He walked inside, and silently shut the door behind him. He moved his lips and said something, but I couldn't hear him. He called out again. Was he talking to someone? He dropped his backpack to the ground, and rushed into a kitchen. A lady stood there, I figure it was his Mom. She looked worried about something, and the boy looked sad for her. He stood by her and hugged her legs. A tear dropped from the Mother's eye. She bent down and kissed the boy on the cheek. She said something to him, and he upstairs to his room.Then I saw him again. He was the same age, and it was in the same house. It was raining hard outside, and the little boy was curled up in a ball on the floor. There was no bed or drawers, just a little blanket in the middle of the room. The boy seemed to be crying over something. A man walked into the room. At the sight of this man the boy got scared and crawled into a corner. The man seemed to be yelling at the young child very ferociously. He cursed...

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