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Since the dawn of time, before man first distinguished himself as a superior being, his different personas ruled his every thought, action, and feeling. Lord of the Flies by William Golding uses the main characters to present the different aspects of the human temperament. Every boy signifies something different and presents his role in a subtle yet effective manner. Ralph epitomizes rationality, Simon symbolizes righteousness, and Piggy is one's intelligence. These boys together form a part of a complete human personality.A tropical paradise on the outside, but to Ralph it is an unavoidable obstacle in his young life. Knowing that no one authoritative is on the uninhabited island, Ralph consciously decides that they would have to live civilly. His logical way of thinking provides the boys with a gateway to practice the lessons they learnt back home. Ralph suggests using democracy to appoint a chief to decide what to do. As he represents the voice of reason, he naturally becomes the leader for the better part of the novel. The significance of him being leader is that in most cases, humans tend to think logically in dire situations before their primitive instincts start to govern their thinking. For example, Ralph implements a rule that the fire on top of the mountain must be lit at all times to produce smoke, so that the passing ships could see that they are there. From the beginning of the novel, Ralph's goal is to get off the island, and so he presents a mission statement to the other boys, "We want to have fun. And we want to be rescued." (36). This declaration gave the other schoolboys a chance to work together and to enjoy the fact that they were alone on a tropic island. Throughout Lord of the Flies, Ralph is struggling to get the boys to understand that they have to get off the island. This is why Ralph represents rationality on the island; he is the only boy that wants his previous life back. Therefore, like any human being, once put into this type of situation, level-headedness tries to win out, but laziness and pessimism take over, until society brings one back to reality.Only a young boy of about seven years old, Simon to the reader seems like a wise man of sixty. Although, his quiet and mysterious manner dominates how he is perceived in the book, his virtue is what makes Simon a vital part in the novel. As society's hold on the young boys gets weaker by the day, Simon's knowledge between good and bad does not wear thin. While the other boys are relishing in the death of a pig and demolish the island; Simon is enjoying the peace of his surroundings and reserves a spot is the forest to relax. He is also, the only boy to realize that the beast is not...

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