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The Boy Next Door And The Psycho Killer: Producing Society’s Extremes

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The Boy Next Door and the Psycho Killer: Producing Society’s Extremes

Two boys walk down the corridor of a friendly, residential, public high school. As they approach, the crowd slowly parts as its bystanders just stare at the boys. The boys walk with a certain aire about them, as their trench coats swing from side to side and their gloomy faces meet the eyes of the rest of the students. They are pointed at and called names such as fag or freak-- for they are members of the infamous trench coat mafia. These two boys can also be described as the murderers in the Columbine High School shootings. Somewhere across the country in another friendly, residential, public high school, a good looking boy of the same age walks down a similar hallway, and has a similar effect on the crowd. Instead of being laughed at or called a fag, this captain of the football team, Corey Johnson, gets a few " good job at the game yesterday" or hellos from people that have only heard of him and wished to actually know him personally, for he is notorious for being "cool". Rather than being called a fag as walks down the hallway no one even suspects or even contemplates the fact that he is a homosexual. These individuals are alike in various aspects; age, sex, surroundings, and others, but yet have managed to be labeled and categorized so differently and so harshly. So what are the social conditions that have allowed such opposing figures to take shape in our culture? What is it that forces youth to be successful at being normal or unsuccessful and weird? The answer is the confining and forceful methods that our society has used to produce its norms. These two particular cases are just representations of many types of kids who are forced into two very distinct divisions of the youth culture. Schools across the country are one of the main environments where normalcy and deviances are forced upon students. These two extremes give way to other extremes produced in our society: the "normal, school boy" possessing the heterosexual identity and the "freakish outcast" title taking on an obvious homosexual identity. Corey Johnson and the Columbine killers are profound examples of the extremes our society molds: the boy next door and the psycho killer. One cannot exist without the other. One a typical kid that no one would ever suspect to be gay since he is so normal, the other is the freak automatically labeled as a fag.

In Constructing Normalcy, Lennard Davis depicts certain norms in our culture and how different groups of people, particularly disabled individuals, are affected. "Any bell curve will always have at its extremities those characteristics that deviate from the norm. So, with the concept of the norm comes the concept of deviations or extremes. When we think of bodies, in a society where the concept of the norm is operative, then people with disabilities will be though of as deviants." This same position can be taken to the pressure to be heterosexual....

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