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The Boy Who Changed The World

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It is said that one of a person’s happiest moments in life is when they hold their newborn baby for the first time. Although being a parent is tedious work, many people will not give up their children for anything in the world. Unfortunately in this world, death is inevitable. A parent’s worst nightmare is having to bury their own child. In the book The Nicholas Effect, written by Reg Green, Reg and his wife Maggie were forced to bury their seven year old son Nicholas Green, who died of brain damage. While on vacation with his family in Italy, Nicholas was shot by a group of people who belonged to the Italian Mafia. Upon his death, his parents Reg and Maggie donated seven of his body organs ...view middle of the document...

During his journey to live out Nicholas’s name Green also displayed divine hospitality towards others.

There’s an ancient saying that to give is to receive. Green never missed a chance to give, reply or accept any invitation. Ever since the first time at the hospital, Green has been willing to spread the message. He says, “From the moment we entered the police station at Polistena, and the police showed their astonishment that we had been fired on, it was clear this was going to be major news story" (131). This was Green’s first time showing kindness and hospitality to the press. From that moment on, he and his wife decided that they would speak to anybody and to the press, in the hope that the suspects would be apprehended. After they made that decision, the news of Nicholas had shot through the roof. The Green family rarely turned down an offer for interviews, meetings, or conferences. They worked tremendously hard to transport themselves from Italy and back. According to Green, no one is his right mind would do such a thing, but there were some invitations they couldn’t turn down (77). As a form of sympathy, many people around the world would often send letters of comfort to the Green family. As a return of consideration, Green made sure everyone who sent letters would get a response. He explained that it sometimes got to point where his family would sit at the dining room table every night, reading twenty or thirty letters that had come in that day and writing responses for them (95). Green showed kindness to others who appreciated him and his deeds. This gave him a sense of relief and peace of mind.

Unfortunately in this world, it is true to say; more people care about you when you’re dead. For Nicholas this is particularly true because after his death he became a...

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