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The Boy Who Cried Wolf And The Tortoise And The Hare

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Now I know a little bit about fables, after doing a little bit of research in my English class. I know that fables are short stories that center upon animals. Fables also all have morals at the end, stated outright, or inferred. These morals are sometimes called Aesops, after the original creator of fables. Aesop was a Greek slave who wrote a lot of fables. “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “The Tortoise and the Hare” are two of the most famous Aesops in America. Aesops are primarily short stories; they can range from a few sentences to a page. No matter how short they are, the moral message still gets conveyed to the reader when he or she reads a fable.
I have chosen to write about Aesops because they interest me and I like animals. The moral at the end gets an extra bonus from me. The morals are fun to learn and can sometimes be funny. It also interests me in how stories that were written as far back as thousands of years ago were written and the themes they had. It is intriguing to know why they still hold relevance in modern day life. Learning about Asop has also lead me to learn more about Greece’s practices and other famous slaves. I picked fables because it has more of a variety of short stories versus the other topics and I like diversity. One of the reasons I think stories such as fables are important to people is because they let people express complex ideas in an easy to understand fashion.
The Search:
To get started with my research on fables I looked up the definition of “fable”. I also asked my mother what she thought a fable was, and she ended up describing a fairy tale. I found out that fables were mostly stories revolving around animals acting out an event with a moral to it. Then I went to a website where all the fables were listed and just started reading all of them, listing the ones I wanted to write about. I only knew a few of them and most I had never read before. For the chart assignment I got to study in depth the components of fables and look at them more closely. Some of the components were: the characters and what they were like, the setting of the story, the plot or events in the story, how the story was told or its tone and the theme or moral of the story. I enjoyed reading about the characters and how they had human traits and personalities. Some of the morals were enjoyable too, but some were questionable, such as one story whose moral was more or less “don’t be ambitious in improving yourself.”
In looking for animated versions of some of the short stories, I found out how differently some fables and the characters in them are represented. For example I read the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare.” In the written format, the rabbit is sure of himself, but thats about the extent of his characterization, and the tortoise was just slow. In the animated format by Disney, the rabbit is full of himself. He spent a majority of his time showing his fans all his athletic prowess and his many...

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