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The New Era Of Criminal Justice: A Brief History Of Unmanned Armed Vehicles

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As we advance together as a civilization, our technology advances with us. Through the development of flight and the ability to us a closed circuit camera system we have been able to develop vehicles that can be piloted without a physical pilot in them, I am talking about Unmanned Vehicles. Usually when people hear the word Unmanned vehicles they think of huge drones that the military uses to protect our troops and also carry out airstrikes in high-risk airspaces. But the term Unmanned vehicle has a much more broader definition. According to Unmanned vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is guided without an onboard crew. This means that if you have ever owned an RC racecar you have been in control of an unmanned vehicle, and if you were lucky enough to have a remote controlled helicopter you have flown a UAV. It is becoming much more prevalent that the state police and federal agencies are using unmanned systems in place of humans when they deem a situation unsafe. Most of the time it is when there is a suspicious package, or they need to see inside of a car that could contain something lethal to an officer of the law. Throughout this paper I will explain to you the two career fields I whish to pursue starting with the state police and hopefully ending up with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.
A Brief History of UAVs

Throughout the history of the world, the country that had the highest vantage point in a battle usually one, Xeroxes defeating Leonidas, during the medieval periods castle walls towered to the sky so that the castle could see attackers a ways off. Once our ancestors found a way to get higher into the sky the way we fought our battles have changed. During the French war, the French army created balloon companies that monitored enemy movement. Not only did these companies monitor movement they helped direct mortar fire to land on top of a specific target. The balloons used here demonstrate the immense capabilities that UAVs can bring to a specific situation. As the times advanced so did the technologies. Some of the more notable advances were by the US Navy and Army. The Navy tried to develop a remotely operated helicopter that was capable of holding and firing munitions. During the Vietnam War the Air Force used UAVs successfully to conduct photo/video reconnaissance.
The nature of trench warfare made observation balloons ideal components to the war effort, again it all comes down to getting the tactical advantage. Fast-forward about 90 years you have the birth of the predator, this is the first major progress in my opinion that the DOD has made within the UAV field. The tactical advantage that the UAVs offer is the same that ground vehicles can offer; an increased tactical advantage. UAV usage can be traced all the way back to the Vietnam War.
A Brief History of the State Police
In 1921 the Indiana legislature signed a document creating the Indiana Motor Vehicle Police. These were the first police in Indiana...

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