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The New Future Of Football Essay

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Football has led to deaths, but who should regulate the rules to make it safer? Violence in football is a serious topic; however it hasn’t been brought about to who should change the rules to make the sport safer. In the case of football, normally it would be NFL’s job to take care of issues like this, however, with the NFL extending the issue for about 20 years now, are the NFL really the people to choose? I believe that the issue is now seriously enough that the government should help with regulating the rules of contact sports for everyone.
The danger is greater than you think. Alan Schwartz, a writer in “The New York Times Upfront,” quotes that, “A concussion is dangerous, pure and simple, but players don’t view it that way.” Schwartz is basically saying that the concussions that these players are getting are more dangerous than they think they are. However, the players probably view it only as another injury and continue playing before letting the injuries heal. Schwartz also says, “Concussions are more dangerous for teenagers because, studies shows, their brain tissues is less developed than adults’ and are more easily damaged.” This means that younger athletes are suffering from the damages of football, and not only professional players out there. This should be a huge concern especially amongst the parents of these athletes. Imagine how it would feel if you suddenly lost my child because of football. However, concussions are only a part of the problem.
Rather than being the solution, the NFL is the root in the problem. Glenn Dickey, a well known sports writer in the SF Examiner believes that player safety is not a top priority to the NFL. Dickey is basically saying that the NFL only thinks of the players as pieces of their money making. With the NFL treating the players, is the NFL really the ones to trust with changing the rules? “On October 19, NFL officials announced that players would be suspended without pay for dangerous hits to the opponents heads,” states Sachin Shenolikar in the article “Pro Football Gets Serious about Head Injuries published in “Sports...

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