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The Brasillia Wizards: A Basketball Team In Brazil

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The Brasillia Wizards

“The national basketball team of Brazil and its players are well respected in this sport on an international level.”1 The NBA would do well to expand and send the Washington Wizards to Brazil. With a population of 194.9 million5, a GDP of $2.3 trillion5 and world ranking of 1008 and the sport of basketball ranking 3rd just behind football (soccer) and volleyball in popularity,1 this would be a great move for the NBA.

Other than the tension placed on our relationship with them by the NSA scandal. This nation is on the rise and has a strong democracy. There economy has sound management.4 Even with the recent issues faced in the relationship between out two countries there is a promising, albeit fragile, bilateral partnership that still remains.4 As of November 25, 2013 the currency exchange is 1 USD = 2.28742 BRL, which also means 1 BRL equals $0.44 USD. 7 Our Currency will go further in their economy and with a current growth of 2.7% and an unemployment rate of 6.0% 5 there is a potential for even more growth with this expansion into their economy. Even with the current corruption that has been undermining their economic freedom, here has been a response to mobilize against lax governance standards. 5

Washington has a large market size however it has lacked performance from the Washington Wizards. “The Wizards have the 5th largest ticket revenue increase between this season and the last — but they are still earning way below what we would expect.” 3 Although they are in what may considered by some as a bad conference they would do well to be relocated to Brazil and see an influx of Brazilian talents. After all the NBA has seen the talents from Brazil do well with Leandro Barbosa as an Indiana pacer, Nene with the Washington Wizards, Cleveland Cavaliers Anderson Varejao and Taigo Splitter as a San Antonio Spur.

The NBB (National Brazilian Basketball) has done well. Their players enjoy popularity and Brazil has a strong heritage of sports in its country. 6 “The various basketball teams in Brazil and their achievements have led to the popularity of the game with the people of Brazil” 2 and is now on its way to achieving an eminent position in the country. Public spending is over 1/3 of GDP and public debt has been relatively stable.5 Keep in mind that Brazil is on the Atlantic Coast and one of the world’s 5th largest country’s in terms of land mass. It has concentrated populations and one of the world’s fastest growing major economies. Along with its economic reforms it is giving the country new international recognition and influence.5 With it being on the Atlantic with a 4,655 mile coastline the players that go over...

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