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A mother’s love is one of the strongest passions in the world. This love can drive a mother to do drastic deeds to save her children and her family. The mothers and the grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo truly exemplify the power of a mother’s love. Their love was shown during the Dirty War in Argentina in 1976. During this time, the awful military dictatorship run by Jorge Rafael Videla made people disappear to make others scared of speaking out (Goldman 1). The mothers and grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo were the only people to stand up against the government and protest for the location of their children. These wonderful women showed the world that love can triumph over fear and evil. The mothers and grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo were brave women who helped to end the Dirty War. These wonderful women also helped to fix the repercussions of the dictatorship by fixing families that had been destroyed in this time.
The Dirty War was a time in Argentina’s history that people were scared to look back upon. This is because it was an awful time when the people of Argentina were ruled by a military dictatorship that used fear to have complete control of the people. General Jorge Rafael Videla was the mastermind behind this very organized system of fear (Edwards 48). His system was to arrest anyone who went against the government in any way. In most cases though, anyone the junta did not like, disappeared without a trace. For example, some of the people they unfairly targeted and thus soon disappeared were middle class workers, college graduates, students, teachers, social activists, priests, doctors, journalists, trade unionists and leaders (Ismi 28). This basically is the entire population of Argentina. The Argentine government justified this unfair genocide against their citizens by saying that all the disappeared were terrorists (Goldman 5). When the targeted found, they were arrested, their house’s were broken into and robbed. Then they were kidnapped and then taken to death camps where they were tortured. After time at the death camps, the disappeared were strongly sedated and thrown off a plane into a body of water, never to be seen again. (Edwards 48; Benedetti 6). In total, about thirty-thousand people were killed in this horrifying, systematic method. Of all of these imprisoned victims, about five thousand of them were women who were pregnant. Due to the awful conditions of the death camps, researchers tried to find out how many women actually survived giving birth. Because of all the evidence that was lost and destroyed they guessed that only a miniscule amount of about one-hundred and fifty imprisoned women survived childbirth in the death camps. However, after the women gave birth they were killed regardless of the situation. These orphans were then given to other families. This awful process resulted in an unknown amount of newborns in addition to the five-hundred newborns that were kidnapped with their parents...

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