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The Breakdown Of Women In Combat Situations.

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Back in the Dark Ages, before feminism and egalitarianism enlightened us, conservatives used to claim that women just aren't suited for life in the military. Today, after a decade or so of applying enlightenment to the profession of arms, the Clinton administration is telling us that the military just isn't suited for women. However you phrase it, it comes out to the same thing.So perplexing have been the problems of sexually integrating the armed forces that the Department of the Army has sought out the counsel of various eggheads and womanologists to help repair the damage that dogmas of sexual equality have already inflicted. One such expert is a lady named Madeline Morris, a law professor at Duke University and a consultant to the department, who relieves herself of her advice to the army in an article in the current Duke University Law Journal.The article, titled "By Force of Arms: Rape, War and Military Culture," says the army has to change. The army, you see, is "masculinist," a term not found in any dictionary yet but apparently meaning too male-oriented. Being too male-oriented has to go, according to Professor Morris, because it only contributes to discrimination against women and sexual harassment in the military."There is much to be gained," Professor Morris instructs us, "and little to be lost by changing this aspect of military culture from a masculinist vision of unalloyed aggressivity to an ungendered vision combining aggressivity with compassion." It might be useful if Professor Morris would use some real words instead of simply making them up as she goes. "Aggressivity," presumably, means "aggressiveness."Whatever her words mean, however, you get the distinct impression that Professor Morris doesn't much care for the army as it presently operates. "There is substantial evidence ... of themes of hypermasculinity, adversarial sexual beliefs, promiscuity, hostility toward women and possibly acceptance of violence against women within current military structures." "Hypermasculinity," by the way, presumably means being really, really too male-oriented.But after you penetrate Professor Morris' meanings, what's apparent is that she has discovered something resembling the real world, namely, that the military is a society in which men predominate and that it therefore reflects masculinity. There happens to be a reason for that.The reason is that men are more aggressive than women. This is why most violent crimes are committed by men rather than by women, and it's also why men rather than women fight wars. And because men are more naturally aggressive than women, male-dominated institutions like armies are permeated by all sorts of male-bonding rituals and customs that reinforce masculinity, the solidarity of the group and the virtue of fighting. The word "virtue," incidentally, derives from the Latin word meaning "being like a man." Unlike Professor Morris, I didn't make this up.In strength, twenty percent of the strongest women measure...

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