The Beautiful Persephone Essay

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The Beautiful Persephone
Mythology is the study of myths, why they were created, and how the stories explain things, normally nature related happenings (Matyszak 6). Myths explain the old cultures view on the world and other conflicts. They usually include a conflict with a few gods or goddesses or creatures and the ending result is what "creates" the happening in the world (Matyszak 6). Persephone is important because she is what, indirectly, caused the seasons to change. The myth of Persephone starts off with Persephone picking flowers when she comes along to a flower her father, Zeus, said he wanted her to bring back. Once she picks the flower she is taken into the underworld being kidnaped by Hades. Demeter, her mother, becomes depressed at the loss of her daughter and causes the changing of the seasons (Gates). Within all of this Hades and Zeus had a conflict because Hades had kidnapped Persephone and trapped her in his realm, the Underworld, refusing to let her go. Zeus later convinced Hades into changing the law that made Persephone stay in the Underworld. Zeus did this because Demeter was not letting anything grow and causing the mortals to die off quickly. Although, Persephone was beautiful and loyal, which made her a point of interest in art, she was also extremely naïve, which caused her to have many issues during her life including falling for the trap set to kidnap her.

Persephone's family tree is relevant to show the timeline from her ancestors. Zeus’ parents are Cronos and Rhea. He is the husband of Hera and father of eleven children and three creatures or groups of creatures (Matyzak 58). Demeter’s parents are also Cronos and Rhea. She had no husband, but she had four children (Matyzak 72). Arion was one of Persephone’s brothers. He was born from Demeter and Poseidon. He was an immortal horse. Plutus was also Persephone’s brother. He was born from Demeter and Lasion. Plutus was the god of wealth. Before Hades had Persephone, he was lonely and king of the underworld. He ruled over the mortals and tortured them. The Furies consist of Allecto, Tisiphone, and Megarina. These three immortals are Persephone and Hades’ children. They take control of punishing the children for disobeying their parents and later added murder, Blasphemy, and insults to the gods (Matyzak 111).
Zeus, the king of the gods, is Persephone’s father; he brought the main part of the trap for Persephone into action. Zeus was known for his power over the other god and goddesses, to anger him would not be a good idea as he is also associated with the lightning bolt. He was also known for his strength, he would have never lost a battle to another god or goddess. Zeus wanted Persephone to pick a certain flower, a narcissus. When she found one the ground opened up and Persephone was taken away by Hades (Gates). Since Zeus was the father, Hades must ask him for her hand in marriage (Paganpages). Zeus refused fearing the reaction of her mother, Demeter. Hades was...

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