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The Bride Of Frankenstein Essay

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The Bride of Frankenstein

A horror film is a film dominated by elements of horror. This film
genre underestimates a number of sub-genres and repeated themes, such
as slashed themes, vampire. Horror films are designed to frighten and
panic that cause dread and alarm within our hearts, and to invoke our
hidden worst fears, often in a terrifying and shocking endings at the
same time entertaining us with excitement and therapeutic experience.
Most horror films are designed to show the dark side of life, the
forbidden and strange events that take place within the society and
our lives. Moreover they deal with our most primal nature and its
fears: our nightmares. Some horror films exhibit a substantial amount
of cross-over with other genres, particularly science fiction when the
monster or creature is related to a corruption of technology, or when
Earth is threatened by aliens.

Horror films are familiar with their own styles and their own special
effects, such as the gothic style which set in spooky old mansions,
castles, or fogy and dark shadowy areas. We can relate horror movies
to German expressionists which were the silent films in black and
white. The German expressionists film were highly stylized type of
film with different styles of oblique camera angels, distorted bodies
and shape that matched the incongruous settings that gave the gothic

The film The Bride of Frankenstein which was directed by the
Englishhorror masters James Whale in 1935, the film was one of the
best and most successful sequels ever made within the horror genre.
James who also directed the first film Frankenstein (1931) was also a
big success as it brought Universal studios to the front of the
Hollywoodmovie productions. The film had cost a quarter of a million
dollars to make yet went on to the make the studio an astonishing
twelve million dollars. It was voted the film of the year by the 'New
York Times'. Universal not only produced The Bride of Frankenstein but
also 'Dracula', 'The Mummy', and 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue' which
were all released during the depression of the 1930's. It was argued
and believed that the reason for introducing these horror films seemed
that the audiences from that period of time wanted to see escapist's
films which made them forget the real everyday worries. Even though
1,300 banks closed and over 25,000 businesses failed in the USA which
was a very bad thing not only for the US but also Europesuffered
during that time. Moreover this did not stop the people from going to
cinemas and see films, even though they did not have enough money,
they still managed to see the films they wanted so that they could
escape the bad life they were in. As a result of this the Hollywood
film industry made 90 million dollars in paid admission week. The
universal horror films...

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