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The Brides Come To The Yuba City

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"The Brides Come to the Yuba City“

In the poem "The Brides Come to the Yuba City" by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Divakaruri addresses a very critical issue of the Indian society: the arrange marriage system and how the women are affected by it. She addresses this very serious matter in a very cleaver manner. She provides enough evidence to her readers to infer her opposing stance on this issue, however simultaneously she attempts not to offend who support the system. She uses strong but touching language to make her point.
Divakurani's mainly focuses on the arrange marriage system in India. The Indian societies even in this modern day highly practice arrange marriage system that has been going around for centuries. In this system, parents get to choose the groom for their daughter while daughter’s preference usually is discarded. For daughters, even discussing her own marriage with her parents is considered an inappropriate act. Basically the women are forced to marry a man who they never have met before in their life. Occasionally the women are also married to a photo of their future husband in those case where the future husband is abroad. Many of the westerners might find ‘’Harvinder, married last year at Hosiapur to husbands photo” shocking yet impossible, but on the other-side of the globe this is a terrifying reality for many women.
A majority of the Indian women do not sing up for the marriage but they are forced to marry the man of their parent's choice. Then the women must depart from their family and must go to their groom's house and thereafter her husband’s family becomes her family. Occasionally, the grooms leave the country in search of jobs and the women are left behind with the groom’s parents. “Thirty year since we saw [our husbands]” Divakurani expresses the feeling of those women in an intense tone. No matter how long it...

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