The Bridge Building Conundrum Essay

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“I’ll be there for you like I’ve been there before. I’ll be there for you ‘cause you’re there for me too.” This line from the song of The Rembrandts is surely retained in the minds of millions of people all over the world as they watch more than 200 episodes of the popular sitcom entitled “Friends.” This television show, which has been on-air for around ten years, tells the adventures, love life, and misfortunes of a circle of friends living in Manhattan. Even though friendship is shown as relatively easy in this television program and other various forms of media, the difficulty of starting and managing this social activity entirely depends on an individual. As much as it is desperately ...view middle of the document...

Friendship is truly a tricky social convention and could only be clearly understood if an individual is fully aware of its different types, causes, and levels.
Now, before one starts the inexplicable ride to the journey of friendship, a person must first classify them into respective clusters in order to have an idea what to expect on their affectionate closeness. Usually, cases of budding friendship fall under “communal friendship,” since their common ground, like being neighbors, school mates, work buddies, etc., is what brings them together on the first place. Having a similar activity that they both participate in would entail long discussions of personal experiences on such and could possibly lead to further talks on a variety of broader topics. The opposite of this one, in terms of contact, is called “online friendship.” This classification is used to describe, as the name suggests, a friendship being exclusively participated using the internet such as forums, instant messaging, social networking websites, and the like. Though this type of friendship is regarded by many as absurd and dangerous, “online friendship” is relatively easy, helpful, and useful to manage as it gives the users a feeling of always having someone there for him/her without any pressures of encountering possibly huge problems on their relationship. Furthermore, if and when a problem arises between these individuals, they could split up without that much difficulty unlike in a real world setting, in which an individual is then forced to make a choice of either confronting the other person or ignoring the predicament and pretending as if nothing wrong happened. This situation is the outcome of another type of friendship called, “frenemy.” This term is a combination of the words “friend” and “enemy” to illustrate and showcase a person who lies in between one’s good side and bad side. It can be specifically pinpointed to either a personal enemy pretending to be a friend or a friend who can also be one’s rival. Though this classification is deemed by many as negative, since it usually involves a person being put down through actions and/or words, this relationship is ultimately beneficial to both parties involved since it teaches an individual about the worthiness of trust while implying a friendly competition in another scenario. Lastly, the “mentor-student friendship,” a type of friendship that is rarely seen in everyday life, is viewed as the most special among the three. Unlike the initial impression that it requires a mentor and a student to build this relationship, a “mentor-student friendship” follows formality to maintain their togetherness with the sole purpose of pursuit of knowledge and experience. By having the necessary information on the different types of friendship presented on this paragraph, this topic would then be laid down into simpler terms as individuals would come to recognize what to give and receive so that they could build up the potential...

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