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The British Invasion, Folk Singers And And Their Influence 1960s Rock Music

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Since its development in the early 20th century, Rock’n’Roll music evolved into so much more as time went by. The genre, defined “as a merger between rhythm&blues and country” (Scaruffi, The History of Rock Music:1955-1966), served a niche market, but became a significant aspect of American Popular Music. A plethora of talented mucisians emerged from Rock’n’Roll. Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry were the innovators of the genre who will always live in the generations to come through their music, as well as other popular figures in Rock’n’Roll. American youth indentified with Rock’n’Roll due its rebellious nature. Gilmore described 1950s Rock'n'Roll as”disruption: It was the clamor of young ...view middle of the document...

The decade was going through the process of a great social change; the civil rights movement.
The baby boomers were growing up. “Members of the first generation who grew up listening to Rock-n-Roll began to assume positions of shaping power in the music industry as writers and producers” (Starr and Waterman, Pg 238). This brought forth the rise in vocal groups, pop groups, and dance crazes. However, the early 1960s was considered at a stand still when it came to popular music. In 1964, when the Beatles arrived in America, everything changed. I think this was the time when Rock’n’Roll was truly reborn as Rock music.“The changing of Rock and Roll terminology is illustrative” Cary explains, “Rock and Roll” became simply “Rock”, connoting its new heaviness (seriousness)” (Cary, pg 31)
The oncoming decade allowed for new developments within rock music and as a result, it soared in popularity for many different reasons. The counter cultural movement that was begginning to take place was one of the reasons for it.The British invasion, a phrase coined by Walter Cronkite while reporting the arrival of the Beatles in the USA,and American folk singers were the causes of the rapid changes in Rock music. It was British bands that altered how Rock music was played, and at the same time American folk singers were in the process of changing how its audience, particularly the youth, perceived it.
The United states always met with great success in exporting their own popular music to Europe. However, the impact that the Beatles had on our country started the beginning of what Star and Waterman call an “aggressively reciprocal process” (Star and Waterman, pg 255). Which is true because the Beatles’ debut on the Ed Sullivan Show was a huge success. 73 million Americans watched their first appearance on the show. After wards, British invasion groups took America by the storm. Popular music in the early 60s was a bit dull, in my opinion, however “The Beatles’ arrival in America in 1964 reversed this trend. Their electric, charismatic performances tapped a public nerve and energized the pop music scene. “(Cary, Pg 31)
Many of America’s own pop groups were wiped off of the map , with “only the Beach Boys, Four Seasons, and the biggest Motown acts manag[ing] to survive” ( Madani ,Pop and Rock Music in the 60s A Brief History). One of the immediate effects of this was the emergence of America’s own British styled groups, trying to ride off of the overwhelming success of them. They did this by mimicking aspects of the British style and singing in an English accent. The Walker Brothers were a great representation of said copycat groups. They were an all American group who went straight to England to begin recording their debut album. Fairly popular in England, they went back to America and met with moderate success after being marketed as a group from England.
The British invasion brought a distinct sound to American audiences;a genre called Merseybeat, which was...

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