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The Bro Code Essay

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Sexism serves as the constant reminder that, although in our history there have been many changes, we still have much to work on. The equality of all people has yet to be achieved and while the progress made should be noted, there are facts of our culture that demonstrate we still haven’t reached where we need to be. As for how The Bro Code comes into play, Director Thomas Keith explores the aspect that society still harbors and in most ways promotes the inequality between men and women. Director Thomas Keith clearly states in the beginning of the documentary that even he grew up believing that “women were here for our sexual enjoyment” (Keith). His documentary serves to focus that our society has allowed for men to objectify women and to believe that they are better. These thoughts that he presents are not foreign or stretches of the imagination but simply observations of the society in which we live.
The Bro Code breaks down the establishment and encouragement of sexism into four “steps” that society uses to form sexist men (Keith). These steps are: “1. Train Men to Womanize, 2. Immerse Men in Porn, 3. Make Rape Jokes 4. Obey the Masculinity Cops”(Keith). Thomas Keith begins by addressing the fact that he grew up in this “bro culture” and that men today are continually taught to have the same mentality that Keith had when he was younger. However, he claims that “bro culture” has changed and has become a more “dangerous sexist” (Keith). Our culture continually promotes this behavior through music, television and media, all which tell men that in order to be successful and true men they must be rich, strong and surrounded by women.
This documentary brings into sharp relief the fact that sexism is not getting better but in some cases worse. The Bro Code uses porn as a common denominator to why a sizeable amount of men do not give women the respect they deserve but instead treat them as insubordinates and objects. The growth of the porn industry has also given rise to types of porn in which a woman is often hit, restrained, or any form of a man holding more control over the woman. It has become the most popular form of porn signifying numerous men “get off” from the degradation of women. When comparing this behavior to what we have examined in class, the disrespectful nature of men to women is not reprimanded because our society does not always view this abuse or violence towards women as wrong. In this instance abuse does not simply refer to the fact that men take advantage of women but also the idea that men no longer respect women and their decisions and actively degrade them. This is proven in a survey presented in The Bro Code, which shows the startling fact that, “56% of college males surveyed reported that...

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