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The Brutal Divide Between Family Duty And Self Preservation,Between The Power Of Love And The Power Of Shame

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The title character blu to me is your average middle child. He tries to be noticed but he's not the oldest so he's not know for being the first to make mistakes or pave the way. He's not the youngest so he's not the baby and he wont get that attention because the baby gets a different type of attention which is because they are the last born and need nurturing. Blu's place in the world is not yet known. When you first start to read blu's hanging you learn how the three children cope with their mothers death. Ivah becomes the mother of the household and is forced to get over the death of her mother and grow up quickly. Blu starts to eat a lot and gains a lot of weight and quickly. Maisie being the youngest isn't quite sure how to deal with this so she stops talking all together.My main concern through out the book for blu is that his father is very distant from him and the girls. The girls have each other and ms. Ito for a role model but blu only has his father and uncle Paulo to show him how to be a man.If he is to follow in either one of their foot steps he's likely to think either its ok for him to turn his back on him family when things get to hard or he'll think its ok to fondle little boys.Blu seems as though he's trying to grow up and help out around the house. He wants to be able to take care of things when ivah isn't there. Around Christmas is when he shows how understanding he can be by giving ivah maxi pads because she is growing up and becoming a woman. Although blu's character seems very complex and hard to read, I find him easier to...

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