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The Brutal Truth The Block Quotes Are Not Needed

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Imagine this; it is the first day on the job for a new employee in a highly competitive field. The boss takes this new employee into his office to give him or her some guidelines. He tells this worker he or she can do whatever it takes to be number one in his company, despite how drastic the measures may seem. The feeling this worker experienced in that situation may be similar to the way people reacted to Machiavelli. In Machiavelli's The Prince, he depicts a philosophy in which he became famous. His instructions to the prince, although, lacking morals are enriched with practical information on how to keep your position of power. Machiavelli presents a strong argument by his effective use of rhetoric, use of logic, and well supported ideas.Machiavelli says on page 44:"And men are less hesitant about harming someone who makes himself loved than one who makes himself feared because love is held together by a chain of obligation which, since men are a sorry lot, is broken on every occasion in which their own self-interest is concerned; but fear is held together by the dread of punishment which will never abandon you"This quote demonstrates the effectiveness of Machiavelli's rhetoric in "How a Prince Should Keep His Word" from The Qualities of a Prince. Machiavelli suggests alternate arguments and then explains why one is wrong. This also distracts his reader from realizing how brief he is. Niccolo Machiavelli is direct, clear and to the point. He announces his point clearly and upfront. Machiavelli explains why his positions are the best one by appealing to both prudence and historical experience. Another reason Machiavelli's rhetoric is so effective is he discusses opposite pairings, comparing and contrasting. This gives his readers the feeling that he has covered both sides of the issue fairly and thoroughly, when he may really have been bias. Inclusively, whether you agree with Machiavelli's ideas or not, his logic unravels a persuasive argument.The ruler of a state has one goal, to stay in power, so why not participate in a morally questionable manner to achieve the final means, which in this case is staying in power? This is the strength in Machiavelli's logic, secure power by direct and effective means. For example, Machiavelli suggests this practical course of action. " order to maintain his state he is often obliged to act against his promises, against charity, against humanity and against religion" (Machiavelli, 47). Another, strength in Machiavelli's use of logic is his use of the aphorism. For example, "A man who wishes to make a vocation of being good at all times will come to ruin among so many who are not good" (Machiavelli, 40). Who is going to argue with that? Machiavelli uses familiar examples as a source of evidence to convince...

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