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The Bubbly Drink: A Killer Among Us

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Soda or soft drinks are drinks that contain carbonated water and artificial flavors. There are different soda flavors such as lemon, orange, grapes or cola. They have been developing over the past years from soda water to soda drinks with all these unique flavors. Making sweetener for soda has to have a very large amount of sugar. Some people drink soda every day with every meal, so that means they drink more sugar than their body needs. The sugar in soda is making our body flexible to gain more weight and become fat. Obesity is the main reason for getting diseases, but sugar is the main reason for obesity. Rachele Kanigel believes, “Soda raise diabetes risk and rob bones. They are wrecking our teeth and they are making us fat” (160). Soda has bad effects more than cigarettes because they are everywhere and for everyone. However, if you are under eighteen years old, you cannot buy a pack of cigarettes. Nevertheless, soda is very cheap in price and can be in any vending machine at schools or gas stations. Sodas have been super-sized over the past years from a small can for one person to a bigger size for a family, so they have a very faithful history. Sodas are the main reason for a lot of diseases that have emerged these days and the most important is obesity. Now days, the soda drink industry invested in diet soda to cover or to have a better effect in our body than normal soda. Diet sodas have less sugar percentage, so they are healthier technically but still have side effects on teeth and bones. Samantha B. Cassetty writes, “Daily diet-soda drinkers had a significantly higher risk of heart attacks and strokes than nondrinkers” (46). We satisfy ourselves without thinking, so the soda industry can get more income telling about the bright side of soda.
Soda had a very useful history in the past but not anymore. They were introduced in pharmacies as medicines. In the beginning, sodas were just carbonated water at the end of the eighteenth century. Carbonated water was infused water with carbon dioxide to make bubbles. Adding a small amount of flavor in the carbonated water is the base of the soda that we know these days. Joe Nickell thinks, “I was struck by the fact that several famous soft drinks had originated as patent medicines” (14). Because the medicines tasted so bitter, pharmacists had to add flavors to give the medicines a good taste. People liked to drink this bubbly water with flavors of fresh fruits. Then the carbonated water turned out to be less important in the medical way. In addition, small drink manufactures had emerged to sell flavored carbonated water. In 1886, there was a pharmacist called John Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. He was trying to invest a new flavor of carbonated water. Then he became the first Coca-Cola investor from the coca leaf. There was a belief that Coca-Cola drink was healthy. The pharmacists were giving Coca-Cola for patients who had headaches (Appleton 12-13). Coca leaves had a large amount of cocaine...

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