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The Buddha Riot: A Turning Point In Vietnam's History

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A Turning point signifies a change in the past that has a great impact on the lives of people or an individual. The 1963, Buddha Riot is considered as a turning point in Vietnam history, it impacted the lives of Vietnamese people forever. It also captures the attention of millions of people globally and locally. There are many minor events that occurred in history that did not significantly affect individual’s lives like how the Buddha’s Riot printed the hearts of the Vietnamese people. However, the turning point that is chosen to be discussed in this research paper is the event that took place many years ago on June 11th, 1963 in Vietnam. The Buddhist Riot was not just an event that occurred out of pleasure; it was a dramatic event that historians believe was a turning point for not only the people of Vietnam but also the Americans that were involved in the War against communism. This event was a demonstration of the Buddhist against the Government of Vietnam during 1963. The Monks, Nuns and the civilians gathered together to prove their struggle and religious suppression that they were battling with the Government Ngo Dinh Diem of the South Vietnam for many years. They were struggling to maintain and preserve their cultural and political freedoms were ignored by their Catholic Government Ngo Dinh Diem.
The Buddhists Crises started on May 8th 1963, a group of young students were rallying in the streets of Hue carrying the religious flags of the Buddhists. Their goal was to protest against Diemist law. Diem’s laws prohibited the flying of religious flags or symbols of the Buddhists. Diem was “opposing the flying of the religious flag to celebrate the 2,527th anniversary of the Buddha’s birth.” (Moss, p. 104). In regards to the disobedience of the students carrying the religious flags in the streets of the Vietnam, the Vietnamese Security operating under Diem’s government opened fire on the group of protesters killing several young students. The Buddhists, Nuns and lay civilian took it up to themselves and started to protest against the Ngo Dinh Diem for the killing of the students. He denied any involvement in the shooting and blames it on the Viet Congo. The Buddhist got very angry which led to a series of protest and rally for their religious freedom. According to Moos, G, D. The Buddhist were ignored by the President Diem for a long time, Diem was not interested about the Buddhist, he was more interested in the Catholics and gave them special treatment. (p.104). The Buddhist Monks were crying out for a long time trying to gain their freedom, but no one came to their help. Their request was rejected by President Diem for their religious freedom. Diem retaliated to the protests and ordered for the leader of the Buddhists Monk to be thrown into prison. This angered the Buddhists, Nuns, and lay civilian because Diem jailed their leader. The incarceration of their leader caused the Buddhist supporters to take their rally to a new and...

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