The Building And Design Of The Pyramid Of Giza

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The Great Pyramid of Giza has an amazing story to tell about its construction and design. The Great Pyramid of Giza is constructed using a unique process. Its interior is also very precisely designed.
The building process of the pyramid began with quarrying. Much information still has to be discovered about this step. However, evidence has been found that copper chisels were used for quarrying. Harder materials such as Dolerite were used to quarry granite and other hard rocks.
Roughly quarried granite needed to be cut into blocks. To find out how this was done, a British Egyptologist by the name of Denys Stocks performed experiments. His results showed that pouring quartz sand ...view middle of the document...

” This is the second theory, which stated that the whole area of land intended for the Great Pyramid was not levelled but only the perimeter strips around the edges were as perfectly horizontal as could be.
Blocks of granite were transported to the building site by boat. Then, teams of workers dragged limestone blocks on sleds. Around 100,000 workers were needed for the building process. It states on page 98 of the 6th grade Ancient Civilizations textbook: “Giant ramps made of rubble were piled around the pyramid so workers could reach the top.” The rubble ramps mentioned in this quote were used by the teams of workers to drag the limestone blocks on the sleds to reach higher levels of the pyramid.
After the transportation of the materials, the blocks have to be placed into position. It is commonly assumed that bronze and wooden levers were used to position the blocks. Material is also used to build the inside of the pyramid. After a great amount of material is positioned, the pyramid will be finished.
The interior of the Great Pyramid is very interestingly designed. The interior has a very interesting design. The entrance into the pyramid is the Descending passage (which descends or goes downward). At the lower end of the...

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