The Foundation Schools Generic Benchmarking Worksheet

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PAGE 8 Generic Benchmarking Worksheet
The Foundation Schools Generic Benchmarking WorksheetUniversity of PhoenixThe Foundation Schools Generic Benchmarking Worksheet
Task A: Problem/Opportunity Statement

Foundation Schools particular focus on partnering or creating compatibility among groups is the driving force for the implantation of the life skills program. The benefits of the opportunity of a culture change will extend and combine the teaching techniques of the current instruction model with the new life skills giving everyone the opportunity to choose what best fits each instructor's teaching model. By creating this new culture Foundation Schools can formulate its goals to include a much wider range of employees for the special needs program it wants to grow, (Gary & Larson, 2006).
Foundation Schools is the leading educator of special needs students in the United States (Scenario One: Foundations Schools, 2006, p. 1). Foundation Schools is looking to expand to outlining communities to provide this excellent service to more students. The board will have to create a strategic management plan in hopes to raise revenue to obtain more building space for the expansion. Foundation Schools must be open to change and have the resources or the know how to implement the changes. They need to sell the idea of new software to the staff, which will allow them to stay strong in their financial arena and maintain their educational success.
Foundation Schools is tasked with growth and expansion to help the many special needs families in America. To help these families the Board must continually find ways to increase funding and revenue although at the same time trying to improve staff and teacher performance. Foundation Schools has no focus or strategy to help implement or run their program management program and various projects they are handling. The Board has an opportunity to formulate a creative approach to program and project management to help in growth and expansion.
Foundation Schools' goal is to improve the school's effectiveness and its expansion by increasing revenue and funding by improving the performance and functionality of the program team. Currently, no strategic management process has been established within the Foundation Schools to allow the project to be successful. They have the opportunity to create a management process to include a mission, objectives, situation analysis, strategy formulation, implementation, and control.
The Foundation of Schools is one of largest providers of special-need students have a big responsibility to provide the best services to help prepare them for their future. The board and executive directors has to incorporate a new strategic plan to use available resources to restructure management, while improving performance in various projects. This is an opportunity for the Foundation to take advantages of the changes, to enhance the school primary mission, to provide the best services for the students,...

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