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The Building Of Transcontinental Railroad’s And It’s Impact On The Forgotten People

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Many of Americas historians would agree that one of the United States greatest achievements in technological advancement during the nineteenth century was the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. With the completion of this vast railway America became not only the youngest but also the first country to build the Transcontinental railroad, successfully connecting our country from “sea to shining sea.” Notwithstanding the fact that this was an extraordinary invention, the construction had both lasting negative and positive effects on minorities in living in America. These minorities consisted of Chinese and Irish immigrants along with Blacks and Native American, all of which were impacted in some way because of the the United States need to expand westward.
In the earlier stages of this country much west was occupied by Native Americans many of which had settled on this land long before the appearance of the “white man.” Other having migrated after being removed from their lands due to treaties and acts formulated by the U.S government. After a few of America’s earlier Presidents managed to obtain land that was considered foreign territory from Spain, France, and Great Britain during the mid 1800’s America more than tripled in size. With this vast expansion on the United States white settlers began to move westward they began to disrupt the land that was home to approximately three hundred thousand Native Americans. Their “territory was breached and their way of life was an impediment and they were brutally, calculatedly shunted aside.” When Congress passed and President Lincoln signed of on the Pacific Railroad Act l in 1862, the government gave the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad company's right of way to use public land and funds for the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad.
The race between the two Pacific Railroad companies to complete the Transcontinental Railroad, first broke ground in the Sacramento Valley on January 1863. These tracks laid down would eventually successfully connect the east coast to the west coast. In the beginning most of the railroad workers were predominantly white...

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