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The Burden On A Child Essay

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A Cinderella – was she a really good girl?
In my experience, she might have suffered from what is known as ‘Good Child Syndrome’ as I did. When I was young, life was a kind of burden. My mother was a teacher and she had wanted me to be a good child as her daughter. She didn’t ask me a lot but I tried to do better than her expectations to gain her affection. I had tried to become the so-called ‘model child’. I had a ton of work to do. I had to get good grades in the school, take care of my younger brother and do house chores and even get along well with friends; it was also my duty to get the recognition from my friends. It was too difficult to please everybody but at that time I thought if I ...view middle of the document...

I couldn’t get myself to relax also in my house. I didn’t know when it first started, but cleaning the house and helping house chores were my responsibilities. Of course I usually ran many errands but the biggest job was cleaning. After school, I cleaned the house from cellar to rafter. In those days I had to get on my knees and scrub the floor and it usually took two or three hours to finish. And when I was only ten years old, I ached all over because I worked very hard to wipe the floor. My parents didn’t understand exactly what was going on before that so they shocked a lot. But ever afterwards, I still used to do that. Also my parents both worked outside and I had to look after my one year younger brother in the afternoon. I always helped him do his homework and sometimes covered for him. I was always busy doing small things such as tidying up the rooms after he played and letting him eat a snack. I couldn’t have enough rest and sometimes I would like to just roam around with no place in particular to go to forget everything. I was, so to speak, a grownup baby during that time and pretty much missed out on everything an ordinary child would enjoy.
I regret that I pretended to be much nicer than I really was in front of my friends as well. I tried to tell them what I thought they wanted to hear and avoid being criticized. I did my best to win the favor of my friends. At that time the easiest way is to give them the gifts or snacks and I saved up most of my pocket money to do that. Of course it was nice to give the gift to my friends and see their smile. But as times went by, I also had more pressure on that. The number of the friends I had to consider had gradually increased and unfortunately my allowance was limited. So I tried to earn additional money. For instance, I went on an...

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