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The Business Case Of Gay Marriage

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The Business Case of Gay Marriage
The subject of gay marriage is currently a very popular topic in America, as many Americans are for the legalization of it, while many are against it. The definition of marriage, consists of a recognized union between spouses that establishes obligations between the two. Most people marry the individuals whom they love. Love has many meanings. Several generally accepted meanings are “Embracing and caring deeply about an individual” , “To have a passionate affection for someone”, “The feeling that you need or require someone”. When someone has a passionate, embracing, caring feeling for someone else, who are we to stop them from being happy forever? Gay ...view middle of the document...

There are absolutely no counter arguments for why same sex marriage should be allowed that are not religion based. The legalization of gay marriage can and will bring only benefits to society and the economy. The legalization of same sex marriage is often overlooked because many Americans believe that it would not be “American” to allow it, while in reality, prohibiting United States citizens from being allowed to get married is the least “American” thing possible.
With the legalization of same sex marriage, the United States federal government would save billions of dollars because the gay and lesbian individuals who would now be able to get married could finally have another person to support them financially as a spouse rather than the federal government sending them money every month in government assistance, just to have them drag along,while not supporting the economy (Berman np). In fact, the federal government would actually make money off of the legalization of same sex marriage, in short term, and long term. Not only would the newly married individuals be paying taxes, they would also be likely to purchase a bigger house if they were married rather than unmarried, therefore paying more taxes on house payments and related utilities. The United States could make money as a whole if they legalized gay marriage also because they would able to avoid all of the administrative setbacks (Berman np). Although the legalization of same sex marriage would bring lots of benefits for America, the government still discriminates against the gays. Up until 2013, same sex couples were required by federal law to declare themselves as “unmarried” on federal income tax forms, because they are not recognized by the federal government. The fact that they had to declare themselves as unmarried costed the average same sex couple well over $1000 each year (Raftery np). The Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, was passed on September 21, 1996. The purpose of DOMA was to disallow same sex couples from being recognized as married. DOMA defined “marriage” and “spouse” as a term referring to a heterosexual couple(Knowland np). Gay marriage was not much of a subject before the HIV/AIDS crisis in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, because HIV/AIDS was originally known as “gay cancer” due to the majority of people believing that it was only transferrable by a man having sex with another man, but not too long after the passing of DOMA, people soon learned that many heterosexual men and women also had HIV/AIDS. After it was discovered that not only homosexual men were getting HIV, DOMA was still not uplifted or removed (Knowland np).
In comparison to the federal government, the state governments in states in which same sex marriage is currently legalized are already making money, just as the federal government would. The average state and local tax amount is said to raise approximately $8.5 million from taxes in a very short period of time. Of the $8.5...

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