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The Business Environment Of Ireland Essay

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Culture and People
The decedents of Ireland are known as Celts, were established a century before Christ, but were not the first inhabitants of Ireland. There are two official languages in Ireland that is Irish Gaelic and English. In the Irish culture, strangers do not wait for introductions to converse with on first name basis. Irish often share their food, tools, and other valuables. The social class is discussed to as the working class, middle class, and gentry (well-bred people), who have occupations in farming, and grouped according to their wealth. The use of dialect is often a clear indicator of class and other social standing, but today the symbol of success is designer clothing, ...view middle of the document...

The Church of England decided that women may be priests almost 20 years ago, but women archbishops is still a prickly topic for the church. The issue is the ordination of women, make others to have to obey them as their superiors in the Church. Women Bishops will have the ability to ordain priests that some opponents say is not merely unacceptable, but theologically impossible. The ordaining of women as bishops, prevents unity with the Roman Catholics. (Malnick, 2013)
Sports played in Ireland are close to some of the sports played in the US, such as Hurling. Hurling is a cross to our sport of Lacrosse and baseball, except it is played with an axe shaped stick. This game has been an Irish tradition since before the Christian times in Ireland. The favored sport of Ireland, is Gaelic Football and has been in existence since the 16th century. Ireland has many of the basic sports that we have in the US, other sports to name is, Boxing, Golf, and Salmon/Trout fishing. Some sports run deep in the history of Ireland and regenerated to help in the Irish culture.
The Irish is the master of storytellers with tales and legends that date back to Druid priest. Art is extremely valued to the Irish, writers, composers, painters, and sculptors do not pay income taxes as long as their art is recognized as having “artist or culture merit”. Crafts and hobbies include the traditional tweed and linen weaving, wool knitting, glass blowing, and woodcarving. They are famous for hospitality that goes back to olden times. The belief is turning away as stranger would carry bad luck and a bad name to the home. Irish front doors are generally left open during meal time for anyone who passes by can join in the meal. Most old superstitions are a thing of the past, but Irish warmth and hospitality toward stranger’s remains. This hospitality is not only practiced in the home, but in the local pub as well. If ever joining a group at a table will immediately buy a round for everyone. The pubs are generally a male territory, until recently has it been acceptable for women to frequent pubs. The traditional folk music and ancient jigs can be seen or heard at the local pub or festivals. (Countries and Their Culture / Irish, 2014)
Irish are exceptionally loyal to family especially an ailing elderly parent or an unmarried aunt or uncle. The younger adults classically live at home with parents until married up to the age of 25-30. Sibling bond are very strong and some unmarried siblings live together and join a widowed sibling later in life. The traditional role of women is still the homemaker even though they may work outside the home and the men are still the bread winner of the household (Countries and Their Culture / Irish, 2014)

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