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Topic Sentence(s)/Paragraph: If someone were to ask you if you could imagine a world where the United States was a fascist dictatorship, you would most likely, laugh in his or her face. After all, the United States is the poster child of a capitalistic society and even has that American dream. What people don’t realize is that in 1933 a group of elite businessmen and some powerful companies tried to plot the staging of a coup with the help of a Marine Corps Major General by the name of Smedley Butler. This may have been plotted because of the financial situation the United States was in at the time, and was eventually brought to the attention of Congress during a hearing through his testimony. Also, because there is evidence supporting this theory I do believe it; however, there is also a small chance that there might also be a bit more to it than being told.

Paragraph One: Thanks to a stock market crash in 1929, formally called “Black Tuesday” the United States entered a time of depression which threw “millions out of work and into abject poverty … [thus,] profits and tax revenues plummeted.” Because of the current hostile economic climate which caused Roosevelt to announce that “We are now off the gold standard,” [to his group of advisers] , which also had affect internationally, especially in Germany – which was already holding a grudge because of the peace terms of World War One. Because of the “devastation [from] the Great Depression … caused many Americans to question the foundations of liberal democracy, … American business leaders viewed fascism, [traditionalists also being appealed by National Socialism and Facism], as a viable system to both preserve their interests and end the economic woes of the Depression.”

Paragraph Two:
Thus, the Business Plot was born. Some alleged members involved in this plot were influential families, including the Rockefellers and big businesses such as GM, or General Motors. It is also suspected some senators from Congress involved this included Prescott Bush. The Father and Grandfather to George Bush Senior and Junior. Because these men were among the elite in the United States, they, obviously, wanted to ensure their fortunes they made for future use. “During this [time], [a now] retired Marine Corps General Smedley Darlington Butler was approached by two members of the American Legion: Bill Doyle, and Gerald C. MacGuire.” This Legion operated under the guise of a veteran’s rights society. The men, initially approached Butler to speak at a nearing meeting; they explained that they were hoping that Butler’s speech would persuade the others members that they needed to remove the current management – something that could be called conditioning or a sort of test. Even though Butler listened to what they had to say, he had refused on the grounds that he did not want to interfere. Coming up with a new plan the two men approached Butler again, this time discreetly offering him $100,000 in bank...

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