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The Bussnies Side Of The Music Industry

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The music industry has changed in more ways than we could imagine. At first we started with artists just selling singles, then it transformed over to people buying albums, and forn then on iTunes started to sell songs for just cents. In the year 2005, Pandora was launched on the Internet and later they created a mobile app. Most of the artist’s music can be found on YouTube. Free downloads has affected this industry as well. The music industry has found many ways to let the fans listen to the music they love. Internet streaming radios like Pandora are having to pay artist for copyright reasons. The music industry had two significant changes in the 21st century: the physical albums have dropped but streaming music has increased, even though artist get little to nothing in return.
How did the music industry started to get the music out to the people? At first it started with the phonograph came out in 1877 and was made mostly out of tin foil. Then came the first jukebox that was placed in the Palais Royale Saloon in 1889 in San Francisco. A few years later in 1890 the radio was intruded which is still around to this day in cars mostly. The single tape cassettes came around in 1962 two years later in 1964 came the 8-track tape. In 1975 the boom box/ghetto blaster had its days it was a big role in movies like Do The Right Thing and Say Anything. 1978 the Sony Walkman sold more the two hundred twenty million worldwide. Briton Kane Kramer invented the digital audio player in 1979 known as the MP3 player. Finally the compact discs (CD) came out in 1982 and “The first album ever released on a CD was Billy Joel’s 52nd Street. The first to sell one million copies was Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms.” Following the CD where: DAB radio, Sony Discman, Sony Minidisc. The iPod and iTunes both came out in 2001, apple has sold more than an estimated three hundred fifty million iPods and more then twenty-five billion songs have been purchased on iTunes. (Metro)
The CDs where the music industry really started too make some money. Many people would say that they had bought some CDs when there was nothing easy that would be easier. “The CD persuaded many music fans to replace their vinyl collection with digital music…” (Berlatsky). Three years start from 2000 though 2003 the compact discs sales have plummeted 16.4% ($785 million to $656 million) but it is hardly a recovery form what the music industry lost to iTunes, Pandora and other streaming music (Knopper). The Universal Music Group (UMG) is trying to boost the United States CD sales with a test of a new pricing system designed to sell most or all of the new release the new artists at ten dollars or less at retail price (book). Company’s like Warner Music Group made an announcement that they had to lay off one thousand workers and cut 20% of its “nioche and underperforming” (Knopper). People are not spending $20 on full-length albums as they used to. Most people are either buying singles on services like...

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