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The Butter Fly Effect By Eric Bress And J. Mackye Gruber

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The butterfly effect is written and directed by Eric Bress and J.Mackye Gruber the film has a pretty great casting and has Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Elden Henson, Eric Stoltz, Melora Walters, Cameron Bright, William Lee Scott, Ethan Suplee and Logan Lerman. The movie is about Evan Treborn played by Ashton Kutcher, now, when he was younger he deled with abuse, drama, and suffered a lot of black outs and it follows when he is 7 years old and when he is 13 years old and then when you see him in the present day. During his life a lot of things ended up going wrong, but there was one girl that kind of makes everything better for him and who`s he`s been absolutely in love since he was a kid, and that´s Kayleigh Miller played by Amy Smart, and when he gets older he realises he has the ability to time travel and go back in time and kind of change thing in the past to make them better. He does this by reading his personal journals and he is able to go back to all the times that ...view middle of the document...

He does all the action and the dramatic scenes when he is almost to the break of suicide and he pulls of the dramatic scenes so well, and then we`ve got Amy Smart which has always be known as supporting rolls like in ¨Star ship Troopers¨, ¨Varsity Blues¨ and others…The transformation she`s got on this film from character to character is just brilliant, and pulls every character with perfection. And then we`ve got Elden Henson, and he plays one of Evan`s best friends as Lenny and they bump on and off trough out the film but, other than Kayleigh, Lenny is the one person that Evan can relied on the most. Then you have Tommy Miller, played by William Lee Scott, he is absolutely insane, he is pretty much the evil villain in the movie, he is Kayleigh`s brother and he goes through a lot of character`s transformation as well, but the majority of the movie he is evil and sinister as he can be, and he doesn’t really like Evan because he is dating her sister. And Evan`s mom, Melora Walters as Magnolia, and she is this kind of pushy mother as her son is always getting involved in this serious bad situation and she always put trough as a single mother to be able to keep up with her son and keeping him out of all the trouble. And then we have Eric Stoltz that plays Kayleigh`s and Tommy`s father, he is kind of this weird, crippy paedophile father and he treats a lot of distraction towards the second half of the film. And then you have Ethan Suplee, who keeps on traveling back in time, And if Lenny is not his friend (Evan`s), then Ethan Suplee is and he`s always got someone to kind of fall back to every dramatic moment in his life that he keeps going back. Ethen Suplee is a little bit crazy in this movie. And last but not least Logan Lerman when Evan is 7 years old. A lot of crazy stuff that happen in Evan’s life is that he goes a lot back when he was a kid to all the drama and abuse.
The cinematographic of this film has blue and those over tone. And the special fact of this movie is the special is all the time traveling and when Evans reads his journals the whole room and environment changes, the soundtrack has that horror movie thriller, like is beautiful and hunting at the same time, this is one of recognised best psychological thrillers, also there is the butterfly effect 2 and the butterfly effect 3 ¨Revelations¨.

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