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The Butterfly Effect Essay

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Director: Eric Bress
Actors: Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart
Year: 2004

The concept the movie’s based on is that something so small as the fluttering of a butterfly's wings could result into something big. Every time he changes just a small detail in the past, it has dramatic effects later on in the future.

The film begins with a scene where Evan Treborn protagonised by Ashton Kutcher is hiding under a desk writing a note, explaining that if there were anything to save her life, we would do it.

The film goes to 13 years back
When his mother leaves him in the school, and Evan’s teacher warns her of a drawing he made, when she asks Evan, he replies not to remember. SCHOOL ...view middle of the document...

He tells to Lenny to go and put it in the mailbox of a house. When it exploded Lenny gets a shock and he had to go to hospital. When Evan`s mom arrived to see how her son was, she asks what happened, but Evan didn`t remember. WOODS
-When Lenny comes back from hospital, Kayleigh and Evan take him for a walk in the woods, they find Tommy trying to set fire to Evan`s dog. After this Evan suffers another loss of consciousness because by trying to stop tommy from burning his dog he get kicked and loose consciousness again and wakes up full of shock next to the charred remains of his dog. LENNY

THE PRESENT-7 years later
-Evan is studying psychology at the University. He lives in a shared room with a Gothic friend Thumper; he’s been living a normal life without loss of consciousness, but also recovers the gaps in his memory.
- One nigh Evan goes out and he meets a girl, and invites her to his apartment, she finds under his bed old diaries where Evan used to write in. Evans starts reading, when the letters in the paper start getting blurry and difficult to read. While reading, he is transported to to 7 years earlier. When they where in Kayleigh`s house with George telling them they where going to make a movie.
Evan goes to visit Kayleigh, for the first time since, and found her working as a waitress in a dingy bar. Evan asks about the film that they were forced to do for his father, whose memory has yet to recover. This opens old wounds in Kayleigh, and when Evan comes to the University, receives a call from Tommy, telling him that his sister has committed suicide.
Realizing that again in its lagoons, you can change the facts and thus change the present, Evan travels to the day of the film with Kayleigh.
He says to George that he must look after Kayleigh, not by making her take her clothes, not because he is a paedophile and he must put discipline to his son Tommy who`s got severe behaviour problems, and if he doesn’t he will ruin his daughter life.

Evan wakes up in a different present: he and Kayleigh are a popular couple within the University, when he wakes up he is next to Kayleigh, without understanding much. He organizes a special dinner for 2. The night is ruined when Tommy wrecks Evan`s car. Kayleigh asks for understanding, since his father abused to Tommy's child while that never did her anything. Tommy tries to attack Evan, who is able to reduce it, and without control he finishes by killing him.

Evan goes to prison, he asks his mom to take him some of his journals, and decides to return to the past and fix the problems he has caused.
Evan ask for help to his religious cellmate, Carlos, he gelps help from him by teling him he can talk with good, and to prove this he BUTTERFLY EFFECT returns to the moment where he is in classes, he goes to look for something, he rises, and nails hands in a few spikes that on the table of the teacher, now he comes to present again. He’s got scars in both of his hands and Carlos helps him...

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