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The Cacao Tree And Chocolate Essay

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chocolate is a food that people can just THINK about chocolate and feel satisfaction. chocolate is made from the cacao tree which is found in the amazon, and the forests of central and south america. these “chocolate beans” grow inside of cacao pods and then are made into a chocolate liquid. there is an ongoing debate on where chocolate was first made and who made it. some think that it was the aztecs, some think it was the mayans but others think that the olmecs were the people who made chocolate.
the mayans were located in present-day southern mexico and central america. the earliest evidence of the mayans using chocolate is found at colha in northern belize around 600 B.C.E ...view middle of the document...

columbus had his crew take the vessel and all of the goods. later on, columbus’ son ferdinand wrote about what they had came across. he was shocked by how much the cacao beans were valued they were upon the native americans. ferdinand had said “they seemed to hold these almonds at a great price; for when they were brought on board ship together with their goods, i observed that when any of these almonds fell, they all stooped to pick it up, as if an eye had fallen.” ferdinand and members of columbus’ crew didn’t realize that at the time, that cacao beans were the local currency.
after the spanish brought the first chocolate back to europe, it was still used as a beverage but then went through evolution. instead of chili pepper, they used sugar. this new drink was a luxury that only a few could afford. although, by the 17th century, te drink was common among the european noble class. in england at the time, chocolate was more available to a wider variety of people. Soon the French, English, and Dutch were cultivating cacao in their colonies in the Caribbean, and later, elsewhere in the world. with chocolate production becoming more of a commonality, the prices became lower. soon after, many people in europe and the americas were enjoying the delicacy of chocolate. for many other people, however the larger production of cacao in the new world meant slavery and privation. the large cacao production relied heavily on the obligated labor of the native americans and african slaves.
with cacao becoming more commonly available, people began to try new ways of using it. chocolate started to be used wit cakes, pastries and sorbets. in 1828 it was the beginning of the “modern era” of chocolate...

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