The Cage The Animals At Night

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This book is an emotional story written by Jennings Michael Burch, who is also the main character in the story. Jennings, who is nine years old undergoes many struggles throughout his childhood. His mom, loves him very much but it unable to care for him because she is often very sick. Because of this Jennings must go to these orphanages. Jennings is always trying to pull the family together, but he has little success in doing so. He never really does anything bad, he always follows the rules the best he can, which sometimes seems to be not good enough for some people. His father is no help to the family either; he is a drunken alcoholic and has left his family of six boys all to his wife.The oldest of Jennings' brothers is George, who unfortunately follows in the steps of his father and also gets drunk all the time. This really hurts the family because he is the oldest brother but he offers no leadership to the rest of his brothers. He also smokes, but George is not all bad, he actually works to help pay for rent because their mom is his. I think he has good intentions but he doesn't know how to go about doing them the right way. Walter, 14, the second oldest of the brothers believes that George would not be such a bad brother if he could just get his head on straight and stop smoking and drinking. Walter is the smartest one of the family, he spends much of his times reading and studying in order to do well in school and be a better father than his own was to him. Then there was Larry, Jennings' favourite brother, they got along very well together but hardly ever got to see each other because they were always sent to homes. The reason they are so close to each other is because they are similar in age and usually went through the same struggles and had related feelings. Jerome is the next of the five brothers and just like his mom has trouble staying healthy for most of the book. He is not a very significant character in the book, and in the end he ends up dieing from some unknown sickness. The last of Jennings' brothers is Gene, Gene always seems to get what he wants. He is about four years old and just likes to sleep much of the time. Jennings' mother has nothing but good intentions for her family but there are just too many obstacles in her way preventing her from doing much good. The worst of which is her illness, which renders her of no use to the family for much of the story.The first of several foster homes Jennings was sent to may not have been the best of them, but it was probably of the most significance to him, it was called "The Home Of The Angels". His mother was taking him somewhere, he did not know where, or why, but he was scared. Jennings was confused when his mother left him at a strange place saying only, "I'll...

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