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The Caller: A Short Story Essay

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Hello led to a Big Mistake

Hello, can I talk with deli, please? The answers was, “yes sure”, but she is not here right now, and do you want her personal number to call her? She said that yes, please. This yes change her life forever; if, she could stop that all her life would be different and better than today.
I was a student in a high school. After two weeks one of my classmates asked me to take my math notes because I was a good student. Deli was the student who asked me to take my notes. I gave her the notes, and I gave her permission to take it, and she would return the notes next day. Deli gave me her home number; it was 0938. On Monday, Deli was absent. I was so worried about my ...view middle of the document...

I am sure that you are different because you changed everything in my life. Anyway, I asked him about his name, and he told me his name. Unfortunately, I knew that after two years his name was unreal. When he asked me about my name, I do not like to lie, so I told him that I could tell him my first letter in my first name. “My first name starts with L” I said that. Then, I took a nap, and in my high school, we had always a lot of assignments. In the night, I was thinking about the boy; and what does he want from me? Does he know me?

I like to stay in my room all the time, and we live in a big house. I usually did not see my father for a week or more. My father works as a dean in the city, and he also has own business, so he is so busy all the time. I was one of the best students in the city, and my school had chosen me many time as a best student. However, this hello have changed everything forever. During the weekend around 7pm, I was in my room, and all my family went to our farm. I like to stay at home for studying. While I was studying, the phone was ringing. I answered the phone, and the caller said,” how are you, are you the girl that her name starts with L?” I said “Yes”. At that time, I was bored, so I liked to talk with him to know what he really wants from me. I remembered his first question as he asked me yesterday, but he asked me this question before 8 years ago. “Do you like love?” he said that. My reactions was quickly,” you are rude,” and I closed the phone. I returned to my room with books and notes. After an hour, the phone rang again, and the caller was the same boy; I was so angry when I wanted to close the phone, suddenly he told me my family’s name and everything about me even where our house is. I asked him how he knew all these about me, but he did not answer.
The caller called me more than two years in the same way with unreal name. Someday, I asked him, “could you please tell me your real name,” and he did. His name was Michael. I gave him promise that I would not tell my dad or my family about him, and I have preserved his promise until now. I was around 17 years old in my high school. I had his real name and his number; therefore, one of my dad’s friends works in the government, so it is easy for him to know anything about anyone in the city. That was my second mistake. Anyway, the caller was around 40 years old, and he is from a very poor family, and he never graduated from high school. I asked my dad’s friend that is secret, and he would not tell my dad about everything. After that I felt so sorry about this man, I talked with him as friend who needs help and support even if he did not ask me that. I remembered that someday he told me his real age that I knew before from my dad’s friend information. When he told me that, I asked him quickly one question,” why you do not marry until now, you are so old”. I knew that later my question was so painful for him, but I was so young to understand. Actually, poor...

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