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The Calling Of The Ocean Essay

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She opened the door and a scream was unleashed, she saw her father hanging. Death had come knocking at their door, there was her father, hanging dead, emotionless, his beady lifeless eyes staring at his daughter. Lily turned around and heard her mother’s frantic footsteps making their way up the wooden staircase. Lily stood by the door of her father’s study with glimmering tears running down her cheeks.
“What’s the matter darling? “ asked her mother. Lily could say nothing, she felt paralysed there was nothing she could do. “WHAT’S THE MATTER?” asked her mother again, growing more and more anxious by the second. She slowly made her way to her daughter and peered into her husband’s study. There he was hanging, showing no signs of remorse towards his mourning wife and daughter. The mother quickly shielded her daughter’s eyes hoping it would make the horrible scene disappear and resurrect her dead husband from the underworld. There by the door of the study stood Lily and her mother weeping as if tomorrow would never come knocking on their doorstep ever again.
A few hours later their huge, beachside manor was crawling with men in blue uniforms and a few others in white lab coats. Lily was sitting on the patio listening to the howl of the wind and the roar of the angry waves, she turned her head towards the front door of their patio and saw the men in white carrying a big black body bag across a stretcher, her father was in that bag. She sat on the wooden chair sipping on the hot chocolate drink her mother had prepared. Lily stood up and made her way down the cold sand, she liked the way the sand crawled in between her toes. She stood by the beach wrapped up in a warm blanket, she began reminiscing all the wonderful times she had shared with her father accompanied by the beach. She remembered all the times that her father would take her fishing on their marvelous yacht, and the time when the whole family went scuba-diving in Spain, that was the time when Lily had known what she wanted out of life. Lily was only 10 years old at that time but she knew her calling was that of a marine biologist. Her father had planted the love of the seas and desire of the oceans in her, and both her parents had nurtured that seed and provided it with love, care, sun and warmth.
As she stood watching the waves and reminiscing, tears followed steadily from her soft green eyes becoming one with the seas. It was around midnight and Lily was growing anxious,
“Those people have been crawling in and out of our house for three hours!” she said out loud.
“ Well, they have a good reason,” said someone. Lily jumped in the spot, she was very startled. She turned around and found a pair of beautiful blue eyes staring back at her, It was Andy, he was their new neighbor.
“ I thought I was alone, “ said Lily. She was quite angry though she was relieved that she no longer was alone.
“ I...

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