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The Cambodian Genocide And The Holocaust: Exceptional Similarities And Differences

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The day that the survivors of the Cambodian Genocide will never forget, was the day that the Cambodian society took a turn for the worse. On April 17, 1975, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge went to Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, took control and renamed it Democratic Kampuchea also known as DK. Pol Pot announced to all the citizens that he had to “purify” the Cambodian society. Although the Cambodian genocide did not kill as many people as other genocides such as the Holocaust it is still just as important. I think that the Cambodian Genocide is an awful thing that took place and I feel bad for all the victims of racism. I also think that the perpetrators in this situation are heartless because ...view middle of the document...

Then Khmer Rouge figured out who all the educated and the wealthy such as doctors, teachers, lawyers [and their relatives], Buddhists monks were all killed. Political, Social and Ethic groups were the main targets in the Cambodian genocide. Some people crossed the border and asked the Vietnamese to help the Cambodians take back what was theirs in the first place. Vietnam agreed to help and invaded Cambodia on December 25, 1978 and took back Phnom Penh on January 7, 1979. Pol Pot exiled to Thailand and lived there for twenty year, but later in April 1998 he died in his sleep. It was later estimated that 1.7 million out of 7.1 million Cambodians died during the Cambodian genocide. This was similar to the holocaust because Hitler wanted to make their nation “pure”. Also the horrible treatment of people was similar in the two genocides.
The Holocaust was a very well-known Genocide that killed 11 million people who were discriminated by. The Holocaust transpired during the late 1930’s until mid-1940. The victims were Jews, Roma, Slavs, leftists, disabled, Afro-Germans, and gay men. The Holocaust wiped out 67% of the Jewish population in Europe. The people who were the leaders of this awful event were mostly the Nazi army and the special police units. Some of the different methods of killing the Nazi members used differed from what the Khmer Rouge army used. (Springer Pg. 122) The Holocaust also killed a lot more people than the Cambodian Genocide. Auschwitz was one of the largest camp in Nazi Germany. Within Auschwitz was a concentration camp, labor camp and death camp. An organized murder in the death camp is what makes the Nazi Germany unique from other genocides. (Smith Pg. 96) People who were...

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