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I was jealous. My only two friends from my “old life” had been claimed before me. Now, while they got to be in a special cabin, I was still stuck in the Hermes cabin, which was pretty much the default cabin. Luckily, during the day we could hang out with whomever we choose, so I met up with Raven, Calvin, and Kelly, who told us that today we would check the weapon storage for one that was good for us. Of course, Calvin didn’t need one, thanks to that axe watch of his. But Raven and I still needed one, so we searched for awhile. I decided to go with a bow and arrow, since I loved archery and was pretty good at it. Raven looked at them all, and then decided to make her own. I thought she was ...view middle of the document...

She was good, but I had done some “sparring” with wooden swords with my old friend, so I was better experienced than her. Still, she was doing pretty well. I dodged a few strikes, deflected a slash, and cut her hairline down a bit. She looked at it, laughed, and said, “I think that’s enough for now. Wanna go down to the lake?” “Sure,” I replied, “I’ll race you there!” I said as I started to sprint towards the lake.

That night we were all gathered at our tables. Of course, tonight I had to sit at the Hermes table, so I was kinda bored. Cal was at the Ares table, and Kelly and Kristoff were at their tables. Dinner was delicious again, but what happened after that was interesting.

Apparently a couple of the Ares kids were making fun of me, since both of my friends had been claimed. The main one, Shadow, had asked Calvin whether or not he could do anything special to try to guess who my parent was. All Cal said was that I could take him down easily. Shadow then got up and yelled across the dining hall, “Hey newbie! You think you can take me on? Well, you got thirty seconds to run!”

That’s exactly what I did. I ran out the dining hall, and past the cabins. Raven hadn’t been at dinner, so I saw her on her way towards the tables. She said, “Hi Ace, why are you…” “Can’t talk. Cal’s brother is trying to kill me!” She decided to run with me, which I guess made sense. Friends stick together, besides Calvin, who got me in this mess. I quickly glanced behind to see if he was running after us. He wasn’t. He was in a chariot, pulled by two horses. So now I know I was doomed. Raven probably couldn’t help, because after...

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