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To be healthy you must have four unsettles ingredients. These four things are eating healthy and the right amount, exercising regularly, sleeping well, and getting the right nutritious vitamins. A child two to eight years old need the same four unsettles to be healthy. The only difference is that they need a different amount of each that an adult. They must eat the recommended intake in each food group corresponding with their age and sex stated in the Canada’s food guide. They must also get daily excurses, with lots of sleep. The National sleep foundation recommends that children one to five years old should get 11 to 14 hours of sleep each night (National sleep foundation, n.d.) They must also get the right nutritious vitamins to help them grow. A good way to achieve this is with a child baste motley vitamin. I will be inspecting the intake of food a child in daycare consumes each day to see if them meet the recommendations set by The Canada food guide. Studying their strengths and weaknesses and how thy can be improved.

Austin is a four year old boy; He is still in need of a nap every afternoon. He will sleep for three hours each day, and sleeps 10 hours during the night. Austin has been diagnosed with chronic constipation since birth, in spite of him following the Canada food guide, he still fights this problem. I believe that Austin is at a healthy weight for his age. Austin does not have a good eating habit, he is vary picky with what he eats. I also believe that he is in a food jags face. “This it part of normal development and should be handled casually. Continue to offer a variety of food at meal and snack time, and most children will eventually start accepting other foods again”. (Pimento & Kernested, 2010, p. 261). Well Austin is constipated he is vary eatable, can’t sit still, and does not sleep vary well. He has recently started pre-school two times a week three hours a day.
This is a chart that shows Austin’s intake of food over a three day period. It shows what he ate for breakfast, lunch, two snacks, and supper.
Meal Day one Day two Day three
Breakfasted Bowl of Chereose. A cup of fruit juice. An egg and tossed. A cup of fruit juice. Tossed and strawberry jam. A cup of fruit juice.
Lunch Tuna sewage cucumbers. A glass of water. Chicken nodal sup, crackers. A glass of water. Grilled chasse, red and green bell peppers. A glass of water.
Snack 1 Bowl of black berries, raspberries, and blue berries. An orange. A cup of fruit juice. An apple and chasse. A cup of fruit juice.
Supper Spaghetti, meat souse, garlic brad. A glass of water.
Porgies, a hot dog, and pees. A glass of water.
Samoan, rice, green beans. A cup of water.
Snack 2 Chasse crackers. A cup of milk. Strawberries. A cup of milk. Rice crispy square, strawberries. A cup of milk.

This chart compares Austin’s daily intake of food and the recommended intake of food set by the Canada’s food guide.
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